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Katronics KF 210 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Katronics KF210 Flowmeter
Katronics KF210 Flowmeter
Katronics KF210 Flowmeter Carried

The Katronic KF 210 is an integrated clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter designed for use in situations where a reliable flow measurement is required regardless of the conditions. It has been built with advanced battery technology and durable waterproof housing which allows the instrument to be used for long-term installation, even in remote, exposed areas where access to power is limited.

In addition to various other innovative features, this instrument also includes a specially manufactured, IP68 version, of the K1N stainless steel transducers which increases shock protection and ensures that it provides the highest levels of reliability, robustness and autonomy.


  • Long-term leakage surveys
  • Metering in pits, wells & other areas where flooding may occur
  • In-line flowmeter inspection verification
  • Metering of pipes in exposed locations
  • Temporary replacements of conventional, in-line flowmeters


  • Three operating modes to maximise battery life
  • Battery life: up to 100 days with rapid charging
  • Process output options: current, open-collector & relay
  • IP68 stainless steel sensors, cable & connectors
  • Large data logger & software for sampling/data transfer
  • Innovative installation wizard for quick & easy programming
  • Dust & waterproofing: IP67
  • Three-line LCD display with full keypad
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 280mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 6kg

    Package Includes

  • Optional wireless data transmission
  • KATdata+ software for data evaluation
  • Optional pipe wall thickness gauge

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    Item Katronics KF 210 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
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