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Vibrock V9000 Seismograph - Vibration Monitor

V9000 Seismograph
V9000 Seismograph
V9000 Seismograph

The V9000 Seismograph is a battery powered portable vibration monitor, designed for monitoring blasting, piling, demolition, construction and traffic vibrations. The instruments intuitive design also allows it to monitor dominant frequencies as well as air overpressure from blasting, using the optional microphone.

Housed in an industrialised casing, this lightweight, battery powered, weather-proof unit has been designed to withstand high intensity environments such as demolition / construction sites, to quarries and underground locations. The V9000 Seismograph is also ideal for monitoring in commercial and industrial locations as well as residential properties.

Able to store vibration data for all 3 axes at 1 millisecond intervals, whilst showing frequency plots for the dominant frequencies of each axis, the V9000 delivers the ultimate environmental monitoring experience.

Key Benefits

  • 40 character x 16 line alphanumeric LCD with graphical representation & backlight
  • Impulse mode for blast monitoring
  • Continuous mode for piling, rail & road traffic monitoring
  • Data stored for all 3 axes, down to 1 m/s intervals
  • Frequency analysis & plotting
  • Triggering from 0.1 mm/s
  • Auto range from 0.1 mm/s to 200 mm/s
  • Auto record length from 2 to 18 seconds (in impulse mode)
  • Can trigger and record PPV, acceleration & displacement parameters
  • Monitor in impulse and continuous mode (twin channel option)
  • Air overpressure from 100 dB to 140 dB Linear Peak
  • Memory for approximately 500 trigger events or 21 days continuous recording at 1 second intervals
  • Built in 7 day timer function & sleep mode (extends battery life)
  • Instant readout & review of memory events results on LCD
  • Optional internal modem for internet based remote operation & downloading of vibration / frequency data
  • Optional SMS alert functions - low battery, low modem battery, memory full, Seismograph status & high vibration alerts
  • USB connectivity (plug & play - no set up required)


  • Power Source: Four Alkaline 'D' cells (optional external 12v or mains supply)
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 days continuous monitoring (24 hours/day)
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 250mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +50°C

    Optional Modem Specifications

  • Power Source: Separate internal 12v battery gives up to 30 days remote monitoring (24 hours/day)
  • Battery Charger: Can be used to power Seismograph and charge the internal modem battery simultaneously
  • GSM Functions: - Remote download of the Seismographs memory - Remote operation of the Seismograph - Watch the Seismograph monitoring in real time - SMS alarm warnings (six of) - Programmable timed data upload


  • Tri-axial geophone pack
  • CD-ROM containing Vibrock Software
  • Instruction book
  • USB download lead
  • Shoulder bag
  • Calibration certificate

    Additional accessories:

  • Vibrock V9000 Audible Alarm c/w 10m ext lead - £27.50 p/w (Code: HVIB.3)
  • Vibrock V9000 50m PPV Extension Cable - £10.00 p/w (Code: HVIB.10)
  • Vibrock V9000 Air Over Pressure Mic - £12.50 p/w (Code: HVIB.11)
    Total Kit Price: £450.00 p/w

  • Code HVIB.2
    Item Vibrock V9000 Seismograph - Vibration Monitor
    Weekly £300.00