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Edgcumbe 33KV Live Line Tester

Edgcumbe 33KV Live Line Tester

The Edgecumbe 33V Live Line Tester is a comprehensive testing kit designed to be used to test high voltage systems up to 33kV. The testing kit comes complete with all the items needed to test high voltage over lines, switchgear and substations. A HV measuring rod and a phasing rod is also included.

Once the HV rod is connected to the testing point (including directing earth via the included earthing cable) it displays readings of overall voltage on a built-in analogue meter that can be rotated around the rod to ensure the reading can always be visible. The phasing rod works in a similar way however it is used to check phase on a high voltage system. In addition to this, a proving unit is also supplied in the pack which allows the measurement frequency of each rod to be assessed both before and after testing to ensure that results are as accurate as possible.


  • Designed to be used in indoor, outdoor or even wet conditions
  • High quality fibreglass rod
  • Easily set up / dismantled

    Package Includes

  • Carry case
  • Standard bent end adapters
  • Extension rods
  • User Guide

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    Item Edgcumbe 33KV Live Line Tester
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