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SMC PTE 300V - Three Phase Relay Test Set

SMC PTE 300V Three Phase Relay Test Set

The SMC PTE 300V is a G59 relay test set that is capable of the testing of three and single phase generation and interconnections relays. Combined with a single phase injection set it allows relay test which require three phase voltage. This can also be used as a complete single phase unit in voltage, current and phase outputs are reversible (V, I,j).


  • Variable three phase voltage to 3 x 300V or Current up to 3 x 8A
  • Variable phase angle between 0 - 359.9 degrees (Single or three phase)
  • Variable frequency output between 40 - 300 Hz. Output power: 3 x 100 VA
  • Reversible outputs
  • Outputs are fully isolated and electronic
  • Dynamic capability
  • Completely programmable
  • External frequency or phase reference input
  • External Timer control output

    Package Includes

  • 1.5m Voltage supply cable with earth
  • 4 Connection Adapters, 4 mm / Flat Terminal
  • 12 Crocodile clips, input 4 mm
  • RS-232 Cable
  • 2 BNC cables with Banana terminals, 4 mm
  • Interconnection Cable BUS-PTE
  • Complete set of fuses
  • Nylon carry case
  • User guide

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    Item SMC PTE 300V - Three Phase Relay Test Set
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