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Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester

Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use.

The Apollo 600+ revolutionises safety management, with a built-in risk assessment tool for any workplace hazard and a variety of testing and inspection reports including portable appliance testing, fire detection and emergency lighting. This comprehensive PAT tester also offers an all-in-one solution to managing a risk-based approach to health and safety in any workplace, reducing the burden and ensuring compliance.

For complete traceability of results, including proof of visual inspection, the Apollo 600+ features an on-board camera, allowing photographs to be stored alongside risk assessments and other test and inspection data.

Why buy the Apollo 600+ PAT tester?

  • The Apollo 600+ has storage for up to 50,000 test records and 2,000 visual inspection images enabling you to store more test result data - this is great for high volume testing, or if you are retesting a large number of appliances on a regular basis.
  • Print new 2D barcodes using the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer which enables you to store more test date on a label making retesting even faster.
  • The Apollo 600+ has a built-in camera which allows you to store visual inspection images against an appliance enabling you to comply with the latest IET CoP.
  • Features an interchangeable rechargeable battery to minimise downtime when you are testing a large number of appliances in one day.

  • High definition colour display with inbuilt board colour camera with flash, it can store 2000 images & 50,000 appliance records
  • It has remote data transfer from field to office & includes built in universal & electrical risk assessment tools, user configurable tests for non-electrical tests & inspections e.g. fire extinguishers, PPE & additional health & safety certificates with the ability to update
  • Electrical test functions, low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement, insulation resistance, IEC lead test, protective conductor current, touch current, load power/current, alternative leakage current, point to point testing for fixed appliances, RCD test & power socket test