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Kikusui TOS5050 5 KV AC/DC - Flash Tester

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The Kikusui TOS5050 5kv Flash Tester is a withstanding voltage tester with a high test voltage of 0 to 5kV that allows both application of AC & DC.

The use of high luminance, large florescent display tube, for the display enables data including measured values, status and judgement results to be extremely legible in comparison with previous models. The built in pass/fail function employs a window comparator method that enables TOS501 Flash Tester to make fail judgement of current leakage over the upper reference and below the lower reference value set on the front panel.


  • Key lock function and interlock function,
  • High-voltage output terminal having a narrowed insertion port,
  • Large DANGER lamp,
  • An automatic discharge function (during DC operation) that removes charge from the test piece

    Package Includes

  • Carry case
  • User guide

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    Item Kikusui TOS5050 5 KV AC/DC - Flash Tester
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