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T&R 200ADM-P Relay Test Set

T&R 200ADMdM-P Relay Test Set

Current injection system with a wide range of advanced features including phase shift, data storage and harmonic analysis.


  • Unit has a range of outputs allowing injection of currents between 1mA & 200A.
  • Voltages up to 240V are available on the main outputs allowing high impedance current relays to be tested.
  • True RmS metering with single cycle capture is provided.
  • 4 current ranges allow the full scale of the meter & trip level to be set independently of the selected output.
  • Industry standard safety connectors are used throughout for safe, reliable convenience.
  • Unit has a comprehensive timing system linked to the outputs allowing trip times, reset times & reclose times to be quickly measured to a high degree of accuracy.
  • Timer includes a current operated mode & can accurately test instantaneous trips.