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Stretcher Tripod

Stretcher Tripod

The Stretcher Tripod is designed as a two person capacity lift. It is designed to give a strong, stable and portable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems. It can take up to three fall arrest devices / winches and is tall enough for extracting rescue stretchers. The tripod has six anchor points, all tested to EN795.

The three overhead pulleys can accommodate rope up to 11mm diameter. This allows one pulley for the user and two pulleys for the rescuer allowing the rescuer to be double roped whilst recovering the user. The unit also comes complete with an eyebolt which may be used with pulleys for airlines, communications lines, medical kits and tool kits. Automatic belay devices may be attached to the eyebolts.


  • Maximum height: 2.4m
  • Height closed: 1.4m
  • Minimum base: 1.1m
  • Maximum base: 1.7m
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Designed for 2 people - SWL 250kg 6:1 safety ratio