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Capital Safety Davit Arm Counterweight System

Davit Arm Counterweight System

The innovative offset mast and counterbalance system is for scenarios where access is required but it is not possible to place a tripod or Davit Arm frame around the access point, for example a leading edge. The system is fully adjustable to suit a variety of anchoring options and positions.

The advanced Counterweight System is composed of a central base unit to accommodate a variety of anchoring options, positioning and adjustment legs, and extension assemblies. Anchoring options include a weight rack for counter balanced applications.


  • Incorporates a weights rack to counter-balance the anchoring point
  • Ideal for use on flat roofs or the edge of mezzanines, bridges & open top storage tanks
  • Caution Davit Arm - Counterweight System is very heavy. Consideration should be given on the strength of the location where you decide to position the system prior to use
  • Designed to fit over most guard rails
  • Design ensures the cables avoid contact with the leading edge
  • 30m 'man-riding' two-speed winch with 200kg maximum load capacity
  • Supplied with a secondary fall arrest block

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    Item Capital Safety Davit Arm Counterweight System
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