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XTIRPA (TM) Davit Arm Extended Reach Tow Bar System

Davit Arm Tow Bar
Davit Arm Tow Bar
Towbar System
Extension Bar
Towbar Parts

The XTRIPA (TM) system is part of our personal protection equipment range intended to act as a support structure or anchor for use in fall protection, work positioning and rescue within confined spaces. This reliable system is designed for those applications often found on the more remote manhole entry points when the ground conditions cannot safely support a fall arrest tripod or standard davit arm system.

The XTIRPA (TM) Davit Arm Extended Reach Towbar System is ideal for work in areas that require regular set-up and tear-down and is designed to ease the entry and evacuation from vertical entry. The system connects to the towbar of a vehicle, and is for use with a variety of sizes including trucks and four-wheel drives.

Kit includes: 1200 mm Extended Reach Davit Arm, Mast, 182.9 cm Hitch Mount Extension Bar, Sala Fall Arrest and Sala Man Rider Brackets, Sala Fall Arrest Winch and Man Riding Winch.

Unmatched Versatility
Featuring a reach of 182.9 cm with the Extended Reach Towbar, this greater versatility offers the ideal solution for applications where access to remote manhole entry points are required.

Ergonomic Design
The system can be easily transported and installed by two people. Set up is safe, easy and can be done in minutes.

Ultimate Protection
The system's distinguishable design and colouring ensures greater visibility, ensuring operatives can clearly see and take care around the work area, avoiding injury.

More Versatile
The system is designed for multiple uses, using different combinations of components to adapt for use in a variety of confined spaces.

Easy Storage
Due to the unit's compact size, the system can easily be stored.

Stands up to the harshest environments.

Due to its design and the use of advanced composites, the unit is one of the lightest systems on the market.

Higher Rates of Compliance to Safety Regulations
Owing to the system's simple, safe and quick installation, employers will be able to implement safe systems of work easily.

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Item XTIRPA (TM) Davit Arm Extended Reach Tow Bar System
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