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Megger MFM 10-1 Mobile Sheath Fault Location System

Megger MFM 10-1 Sheath Fault Locator
Megger MFM 10-1 Sheath Fault Locator
Megger MFM10-1 Sheath Fault Location System

The Megger MFM 10-1 is a mobile, battery operated sheath fault location system up to ± 10kV DC.

The instruments intuitive menu-driven operation, automatic measurement and evaluation system enables cable sheaths to be tested and sheath faults to be pre-located and pinpointed as simply as possible. Data can be entered using the proven Megger rotary encoder principle which is made easier to use with the touch-screen.

The powerful 10kV DC source with positive and negative polarity allows HV cables to be tested while the bi-polar function ensures that external thermoelectric and galvanic influences are eliminated. A multi-section facility permits the entry of cable segments with different parameters. Difficult faults can be "burned" thanks to the available high current of up to 750 mA.

The MFM 10-1 can also use its integrated protocolling feature with the approved Easyprot software to easily generate test reports.


  • Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults
  • Audio frequency option with 8.44 kHz
  • High current of up to 750 mA
  • Only one HV connection cable
  • Automatic measurement & protocolling
  • Safe operation via connection box
  • In line with DIN EN 50191, VDE 0104 & BGI 891
  • Solid IP53 PELI trolley case for easy handling
  • Wide range input for all supply voltages
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires & test leads
  • Detection, storage & indication of fast events
  • Slim HV connector & just one HV cable
  • Fault locating of high-resistive faults inside cables
  • Integrated discharge up to 10 µF
  • Graphical display of voltage & current
  • Fast pulse rate of 0.5:1 in connection with the ESG NT
  • Dimensions: 500 x 457 x 305 mm
  • Weight: 25kg including cable
  • Protection class: IP53 (with closed lid)
  • Comes together with Earth Fault Probe as standard

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    Item Megger MFM 10-1 Mobile Sheath Fault Location System
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