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Noggin SmartTow

Noggin SmartTow
Noggin SmartTow
Noggin SmartTow
Noggin SmartTow
Noggin SmartTow

Noggin® configurations are designed to meet diverse exploration needs by allowing you to take your GPR into every environment and terrain on Earth. The Noggin® SmartTow configuration is designed for hand-tow surveying over smooth to rough terrain such as grassy, brush covered or rocky surfaces. But don't worry about damaging your Noggin® by dragging it around on rough surfaces - all Noggins have a durable skid plate on the bottom to smoothly slide across any surface and maintain ground-coupling for maximum signal penetration.


  • A wheel odometer to trigger data acquisition at default or user-defined intervals (step size) to provide uniform data coverage
  • A bi-directional odometer that triggers data acquisition in one direction and, in the other direction, provides a back-up arrow to easily pinpoint the location of objects found on the survey line
  • Sensors & Software's unique DynaQ® feature automatically adjusts data acquisition rates to the survey speed; providing dynamic stacking to maximize data quality
  • Fibreglass handle to eliminate interference
  • Rugged treaded tire for challenging terrains
  • Noggin sensor
  • Optical odometer for precise positioning


  • GPS to provide geo-referenced coordinates linked to the data
  • Longer cables to enable the DVL to be set in a fixed position while the GPR sensor is moved
  • Batteries of different sizes and capacities depending on field time or portability requirements
  • Brackets to quickly swap between the Noggin® 100, 250, 500 and 1000 systems