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Leica Digicat 750i - Cable Locator

Leica Digicat 750i Cable Locator
Leica Digicat 750i Cable Locator
Leica Digicat 750i Cable Location - Application
Leica Digicat 750i
Leica i750 Series

Leica Digicat 750i SMARTREADY cable locators deliver a true digital platform with GPS technology, data logging and Bluetooth® connectivity that will document the where, when and how it has been used.

Locating and recording the position of buried utilities before excavation work can help prevent operator injury, asset damage risks or any subsequent costs. The pioneering Leica Digicat 750i SMARTREADY cable locators deliver extra visibility of cable locating activities and provides users with evidence of compliance to industry best practice.

The Digicat 750i SMARTREADY is the first locator to communicate seamlessly through Bluetooth® with Apple and Android mobile devices. The instrument has the same functionality as the Digicat 700i, with the added benefit of depth estimation,when used in conjunction with the Leica Digitex 100t and 300t signal transmitter or Digimouse Standard Sonde. This captures the data on where the locator has been used. The data is easy to download from the locator to your PC, tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth® connectivity and using LOGiCAT software. The location information is then displayed visually on an easy to understand map, providing increased confidence in locating results because of greater traceability and visibility of use.

Data Logging: Both the DigiCAT 600i and 650i record and store detection information whilst in use. The locators start to record information every second after completion of the initial start-up routine. These records (logs) are stored in the locator's memory and can be retrieved and transferred via Bluetooth to a PC for analysis. The locators are capable of storing approximately 80 hours of records. Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity: Both the DigiCAT 600i and 650i locators have the added benefit of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It allows the DigiCAT to integrate seamlessly with mobile mapping technology to log survey data, in addition to enabling wireless Bluetooth data transfer. Depth Indication: When using the DigiCAT in conjunction with the DigiTRACE or Sonde in 8 or 33 kHz modes, operators can determine the depth of the buried utility, providing a clear advantage when conducting ground surveys.

Additional information:

  • Dual mode active tracing for on-site flexibility
  • Controls: On/Off, Mode select, 'i-button' Information select & view
  • Frequencies: Power 50/60 Hz, Radio 15-60 kHz, Generator 8 & 33 kHz
  • Depth range: Power/Generator 3 metres, Radio 2 metres
  • Dust & water protection to IP54
  • Eica DigicaT 650i Cable Avoidance Tools

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