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Radiodetection TX-10 Transmitter

Radiodetection TX-10 Transmitter
Radiodetection TX-10 Transmitter
Radiodetection TX-10 Transmitter Inside
Radiodetection TX10 Transmitter Close Up

The range of Radiodetection transmitters are designed to work with the RD7000+/RD7100 and RD8000/RD8100 pipe and cable locators, with the Tx-10 model offering the highest power capability.

The transmitter comes with a weatherproof battery compartment and a removable accessory tray for storing items such as direct connection leads and earth reel. The large, high contrast LCD screen and the IP65 environment protection allow you to use the Tx-10 in the most demanding site conditions while the option of ECO mode can extend alkaline battery life by warning the user and gradually reducing the power output in low battery situations.

Radiodetection Tx transmitters are available with alkaline batteries or Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack and mains or automotive chargers, along with the option of iLOC.

Transmitter package includes:

  • Ground Stake
  • Direct Connect Leads
  • Earth Reel
  • Batteries


  • IP65 Protection
  • 2.9kg Weight
  • High Contrast LCD Screen
  • 8 D-Cell Batteries
  • 10 Watt Power
  • Accessory Tray
  • ECO Mode
  • Fault Find
  • iLOC Option

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