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Radiodetection RD1000+ Portable Ground Penetrating Radar System

Radiodetection RD1000+ Portable GPR

The RD1000+ is a portable and cost effective ground penetrating radar system that gives cable and pipe surveyors the ability to see what is underground.

Using radar technology the RD1000+ displays an image map of underground features. The technician can see it in a topographical context making it ideal for locating and excavating utilities. The advantage over a traditional, electromagnetic locator is that the RD1000+ can see non-conductive materials including plastic pipes. It will accurately survey utilities buried up to 8 metres deep.

Durable and weatherproof, the RD1000+ can be used on almost any terrain. The high contrast real time display enables the device to provide clear and instant updates in most light conditions.


  • Easy, 2 minute assembly
  • Easily dismantled for compact storage and safe transportation
  • Dimensions: 115cm×70cm×90cm / 45.3"×27.6"×35.4"
  • Weight: 22kg

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    Item Radiodetection RD1000+ Portable Ground Penetrating Radar System
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