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Powercap Infinity Respirator

Powercap Infinity Respirator
Powercap Infinity Respirator
Powercap Infinity Respirator
Powercap Infinity Powered Respirator
Powercap Infinity Application

Introducing the PowerCap® Infinity® - decades of innovation brings us the game changer in Rail RPE and PPE protection.

4 in 1 Protection
PowerCap® Infinity® is the very latest in PAPR technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection. Sonis® ear defenders can also be added to complete the wearer's above the neck protection.

TH3 Performance
PowerCap® Infinity® offers respiratory protection to TH3, with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40). TH3 is the highest possible rating in the EN 12491:1998 + A2:2008 standard.

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters
The high capacity HEPA filters coupled with the aerodynamically optimised pre-filter covers ensure that PowerCap® Infinity® delivers 160 litres per minute of clean air to the user with maximum battery efficiency. Filters can be effortlessly replaced using an intuitive quick-change bayonet system.

User Responsive Smart PPE
Real time diagnostics monitor the system and the wearer twice per second, giving the user accurate, dynamic feedback. Periods of high respiratory demand are monitored and catered for by constantly maintaining a positive pressure inside the respirator. Feedback is given on battery and filter condition via the heads up display and audible notifications.

Optimal Air Flow
For prolonged user comfort it is important to control the movement of air inside the respirator. JSP, in partnership with leading motorsport dynamicists, have developed an airflow system to avoid misting and increase user comfort.

Easy Maintenance
Key elements of the PowerCap® Infinity® are user-replaceable, allowing easy maintenance and cleaning. This includes: filters, filter covers, visor, peel-off visors, helmet, harness strap, turbo drive unit and carrier, battery pack, visor seal, charging dock, air flow indicator test unit and carry case.

Head Protection
PowerCap® Infinity® incorporates the high performance JSP EVO®5 Olympus® industrial safety helmet. Conforming to: EN397 (European Standard). ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 (American National Standard). CSA Z94.1 (Canadian Standard). GB2811 (Chinese Standard)

Panoramic Impact Visor
The optical class 1 visor conforms to EN166.B offering impact protection at speeds of up to 270 mph (tested using a 6mm steel ball bearing). The visor has K rated anti-scratch coating and a replaceable peel-off visor protector to prolong it's life.