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3M Versaflo Powered Respirator

3M Versaflo Powered Respirator
3M Versaflo Powered Respirator
3M Versaflo Powered Respirator Application

The 3M Versaflo Powered Respirator is a highly versatile approach to worker protection systems based on comfort and ease-of-use provided by one of the world's leading suppliers of respiratory protection. The instrument was designed for use in environments with hazardous particles, with flexibility being a primary focus, consisting of three easy-to-select modules - an air delivery unit, a headtop and a breathing tube - it therefore ensures that it can adapt to changing user environments, needs or comfort preference.

User comfort is also enhanced by the flowing air around the head and face, which reduces additional breathing effort, required particularly during episodes of strenuous work and can make tough environments much more bearable.


  • Protection from harmful particulates / gases / vapours
  • Equipped with automatic flow control, low battery alarm & low flow alarm
  • Most user interface/adjustments highlighted in blue for convenience
  • QRS (Quick Release Swivel) breathing tubes allow fast & easy connection
  • Easily removable parts allow simple cleaning, maintenance & replacement
  • Lightweight, compact & well-balanced designs
  • Breathable air is provided to the wearer, reducing the additional breathing effort required
  • Adjustable airflow feature distributes airflow where the user wants
  • Quiet system with reduced motor noise & air whistling
  • Soft face seals & inner collars
  • Multiple size adjustment options allow for comfortable fit
  • Provides excellent peripheral & downward vision
  • Protection against multiple hazards (respiratory protection - eye, face & hearing protection - head protection - neck/shoulder coverage)
  • LED lights indicate charge status
  • Slim build to enable use in tight spaces
  • Compact shape allows the user to sit down without compromising airflow
  • Economy battery runs for at least 5-6 hours / high-capacity battery runs for 10-12 hours
  • IP53 enabling use in shower decontamination
  • Weight: 1095g

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