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Scott Spirit Powered Respirator

Scott Safety Spirit Breathing Apparatus
Scott Safety Spirit Breathing Apparatus
Scott Safety Spirit Breathing Apparatus

Introducing the next generation of powered air respirators, the Spirit range offers an advanced level of electronic controllability and is fully programmable to meet the precise needs of both the user and their application.

Controllable & Adaptable

  • The Spirit provides a choice for the owner to select the level of controllability & programmability required for their application
  • The Spirit offers airflow adjustment with particle filters to allow for site specific settings & provides comfort for the user no matter the environmental hazard
  • Many other preference settings, inspection intervals & operating acknowledgements can be adapted, providing customised alarms for improved user safety


  • Large colour display with simple icons to show flow rate / filter type / battery status / alarm conditions
  • Flow maintained electronically for different headtops and filter clogging
  • Adjustable flow with Particulate filters between 170 l/min and 220 l/min, steps set at 170, 180, 200 & 220 l/min
  • Locking filters to prevent accidental discontinuation
  • Audio and visible battery and flow alarms in high ambient noise levels
  • Diagnostic check at start up to ensure unit is performing properly
  • On board data logging of hours run and flow rates, downloadable by Service Centre/Scott
  • Available with a range of hose types

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    Item Scott Spirit Powered Respirator
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