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15 Cylinder Breathing Air Trailer

Fifteen Cylinder Breathing Air Trailer

Self-contained, high-pressure fifteen cylinder breathing-air supply, mounted on a road towable wheeled trailer. It is intended to supply up to two people wearing positive pressure demand-type or constant flow breathing apparatus for 50.7 hours. Maximum of 6 users with 90 mtrs airline each.

Mounted on a steel frame, supported in securing clamps, fifteen 67.5 litre capacity 300 bar cylinders with maximum operating pressure of 300 bar are connected to the control panel. Fourteen cylinders for main supply and one cylinder is for reserve (back-up) supply. The whole system is enclosed via powder coated steel panels with lockable access doors at the front. It has been designed to give increased usage times, but also features a clean area for storage of PPE or operatives clothing, it also has provision for the operative to monitor the control panel from within the unit allowing them to keep out of the wind and rain, whilst maintaining visual contact with entrants.

The trailers have been designed and built to the highest standards, using the latest technology that includes improved safety features and a control panel that is easy to use.


  • 50.7hrs breathing air for 2 users
  • Maximum of 6 users with 90mtrs airline each
  • 15 x 67.5ltr 300bar cylinders
  • Independent 300bar emergency reserve system
  • Excess flow protection with high and low pressure safety valves
  • Mounted in a 3500kg box van trailer
  • Front and rear equipment storage/PPE area with work surfaces
  • 95DB emergency alarm

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    Item 15 Cylinder Breathing Air Trailer
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