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MSA 30/100 Chemical Rebreather - Breathing Apparatus

MSA Chemical Rebreather
MSA Chemical Rebreather
MSA Chemical Rebreather Application

The oxygen self-rescuers SSR 30/100 is a small, robust respiratory protective device for self-rescue, which can be used at every place where the ambient atmosphere may be oxygen deficient or contain toxic contaminants. This small device can be utilised in any hazardous environment.

These devices employ the well-known and worldwide proven principle of generating oxygen chemically. Due to its compact design and low weight, the oxygen selfrescuer can be worn continuously on the belt or on the chest, so that it is available immediately in an emergency situation, whilst supplying typically 20 to 90 minutes of oxygen (depending on breathing rate) to the wearer.

It is housed in a tough, tamper resistant case and the Draeger unit also features a sight glass to indicate that the unit is ready for use, plus integral goggles.

All units are CE marked and approved to EN 401.


  • Small, robust chemical oxygen device for rough environments
  • Belt-carried or use on chest with harness
  • Fast & easy donning
  • Air-tight case
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Stainless steel container
  • Long service life
  • Oxygen supply according to demand
  • Simple handling
  • Long storage life
  • Simple reconditioning
  • Size (In Case): H 18cm / W 18cm / D 10cm
  • Weight (In Case): 2kg
  • Weight (Without Case): 1.3kg
  • Duration: 20 min at 35 l/min (Class K20S according EN 13794). 30 min at 30 l/min (escape) 100 min at 10 l/min (at rest)
  • Temperature Class: T3

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    Item MSA 30/100 Chemical Rebreather - Breathing Apparatus
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