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OPM5 Optical Power Meter

OPM5 Optical Power Meter

The Noyes OPM5 Optical Power Meter is designed to perform passive optical network testing and save test data for report generation. The file management system allows technicians to organise test results into multiple files and transfer stored results via USB to a PC for analysing generating reports and printing.

The Noyes OPM5 Optical Power Meter is supplied together with the Noyes OLS4 Optical Light Source.


  • Rugged & dependable
  • Simple user interface minimises training requirements
  • Stabilised outputs for accurate loss measurements
  • Wave ID supports testing up to three wavelengths simultaneously
  • Field swappable output adapters provide flexibility
  • Splash resistant controls
  • Withstands one-meter drop test
  • Controls designed for easy operation with gloves
  • Efficient design provides long test time from globally available AA batteries
  • External power adapter available for extended testing or lab applications