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Heavy Duty Talk Box Comms System

Heavy Duty Talk Box Comms System

The Talk Box Comms System is a stand alone portable intercom system that provides untethered, open two-way communication between the attendant and entrant in a medium noise, ventilated confined space, where respiratory protection does not have to be worn by the entrant except as a means of escape.

It provides full duplex hands free operation allowing the entrant/s to speak and hear without having to operate the unit. It is ideal for multiple entrants working in the same area as the can all communicate using the same talk box. At the other end of the heavy duty cable is a talk box controller and is operated by the Attendant (Topman). It has an open speaker to monitor the entrant/s continuously but requires the operator to activate the Controller's Press to Talk button to speak to the entrant/s within the confined space.


  • Completely waterproof.
  • 30m cable length (extra cables available).
  • Simple, rugged and reliable.
  • Battery Life: 200 hours.
  • ATEX Eex ia IIC T4.
  • Maximum Output Level: 85db(A).
  • Hands free operation.

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    Item Heavy Duty Talk Box Comms System
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