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iStar 360 Degree HDR Panoramic Camera

Nctech iStar Camera
Nctech iStar Camera
iStar Camera
iStar Camera App

Designed for rapid 360º precision imaging, iSTAR is a 360º panoramic camera that captures full spherical images and high resolution panoramic video streams, providing efficient visual documentation of the surrounding environment.

Versatile, rugged and portable, iSTAR can be hand held, tripod mounted, vehicle mounted or networked. With a small footprint and a one-button capture, iSTAR is fast and easy-to-use either indoors or outdoors.


  • Easy-to-use with one button push to operate
  • Capture 360º still images and video
  • Rapid image capture: Capturing images take approx. 2 to 3 seconds
  • 3 iSTAR models: Fusion for capturing still images, Pulsar for 360º video & IR for no light
  • Live remote control with full immersive view from tablet PC over WiFI
  • Fast 'real-time' stitching of images
  • Generates GIS map positions from captured images or video
  • Totally mobile: capture over 600 images on one charge using optional external battery
  • Seamless integration of images into third party applications
  • Automatic HDR
  • Can be vehicle mounted or inverted for surveillance & remote monitoring

    EASE OF USE AND ZERO SET UP TIME: Designed for rapid 360º imaging, iSTAR precisely captures 360º full spherical images and high resolution panoramic video streams for efficient visual documentation of an environment.

    iSTAR is rugged, lightweight and has a small footprint making it easy to transport and deploy. With zero set up time, iSTAR does not require photographic experience to operate. With one-button capture, it's fast and easy-to-use either indoors or outdoors.

    FAST, ACCURATE AND PRECISE: iSTAR has 4 x pre-calibrated sensors delivering a 50MP full spherical accurate image with excellent high dynamic range. iSTAR is fast at capturing images with typical capture times of 2 to 3 seconds. Typically 80 to 100 panoramas can be captured on one battery charge. This can be increased to over 600 when using the optional external battery allowing you to capture throughout the full day.

    SEEMLESS INTEGRATION: iSTAR deliverables can be seamlessly integrated into your work flow. The deliverables from iSTAR are industry standard compatible and can be used with your existing software.

    MODELS AND VERSIONS: iSTAR is available in two software models, FUSION and PULSAR, both of which capture the full spherical environment. PULSAR offers extended capabilities over FUSION, including 360º video capture at high frame rates with live full immersive video preview, and fast capture for mobile mapping and surveillance applications. An Infrared (IR) iSTAR version is available for capturing both panoramic images and 360º video in zero light conditions.

    Key Applications

  • Tactical Response Planning
  • 3D Forensic Documentation
  • RGB Overlay For Lidar Scanning
  • Street View Type Mobile Mapping
  • Road Collision Documentation
  • Asset Documentation And Visualisation
  • Remote Surveillance And Observation
  • 3D Modelling And Mapping

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