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Take On Any Pipeline Challenge With The Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler!

THE PROTEUS PIPELINE INSPECTION CRAWLER - take on any pipeline challenge with its outstanding functionality & unmatched versatility

Whether it’s damaged pipes, pipe inspections or pipe maintenance - the Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler is the future of functionality for fast and efficient pipeline solutions. The impressive capabilities of the Proteus’ crawler and camera are unmatched – featuring a highly flexible, strong and durable cable and a user-friendly, expandable control unit. The Proteus Crawler unifies many high-value innovations into one uncompromising solution.

To hire the Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler, or for details click here. 

The powerful Proteus has been meticulously designed to provide the user with the maximum performance and efficiency whilst being incredibly easy to operate. With a state-of-the-art power management system, the Proteus Crawler can effortlessly run on a van battery – meaning that there is absolutely no need for generators, inverters, extra operating costs or excessive noise. The built-in battery allows users to review recorded footage whilst on the move – without the need to be plugged into a power source!  

Recorded footage is easily and safely stored in the control unit of the Proteus system, which can then simply be transferred using a USB memory stick. The control unit enables users to mark and tag footage whilst you inspect, which doesn’t require any extra tools or re-editing. Its computer style keyboard and shortcut keys ensure that the unit is straight-forward and user-friendly. The Proteus’ feedback system provides information on how much cable has been extended and the self-layering cable makes retrieval quick, tidy and protected from damage.

The Proteus system is so compact, it can be easily integrated within a range of vehicles. The crawler is lightweight and has an outstanding responsive six-wheel drive – its high torque ensures that it is powerful enough to pull its cable over 100’s of metres. Its specially designed wheels feature a patented wheel locking system and a cutting-edge material - so the Crawler performs at a high performance, in either wet or dry conditions! 

The responsive steering enables users to drive the crawler intuitively without any sudden movements and with cruise control, the crawler will even drive itself through long distances into underground pipes, whilst also operating under water with its waterproofing up to one bar of pressure.

Users can confidently send the Crawler into unknown territory as it's equipped with a SONDE location sensing system with multi-frequency capability which has universal locator compatibility and can be tuned according to conditions. The location sensor also helps users pinpoint the precise location of a problem from above ground, with much greater accuracy, reducing the amount of work which might be needed to access the pipeline.

When it comes to inspection, the Proteus Crawler has unmatched versatility. The interchangeable camera heads can be equipped with a fixed axial or pan and rotate camera and the crawler also features a built-in elevator, giving users the option to inspect pipes even with a very wide bore. The video quality that Proteus captures is second-to-none; using differential video technology, the video signal remains crystal clear over much longer distances. Both video and still images can be captured with the ability to zoom into footage. With Proteus, users can record directly into the control unit memory and the optional built-in WINCAN reporting software capability means extra convenience with less kit to carry.

The Proteus is incredibly feature-rich, making it suitable for virtually any pipeline inspection task. Proteus is built to be reliable time and time again, making it an excellent investment. So whether your inspection needs are for drains, water supply, utility, industrial, petro-chemical or even nuclear facilities, the Proteus has the experience and ability to adapt and manufacture solutions to your needs, based on excellent tried-and-tested systems.

To hire or for more information on the Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler, click here.

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