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Product Of The Week - XTIRPA Davit Arm Urban Manhole Barrier Davit System

The lightweight and innovative Davit Arm Urban Manhole Barrier System is one of the only systems of its kind, granting the user the ability to install a davit arm over a manhole for rescue purposes. This davit system offers unrelenting high quality, even for the most challenging fall protection requirements.

This personal protection equipment is remarkably ergonomic, and unlike a tripod, can be positioned next to the confined space entry or exit as opposed to on top of it owing to its expandable barrier. This provides operatives with much more accessibility to the work area, and reduces the risk of potential trip hazards.

Transportation and set-up of the system is extremely easy and can even be built by one person. The Davit Arm Urban Manhole Barrier System is one of the leading patented systems on the market, and has a distinguishable design and colouring which ensures greater visibility in the work area. Durable, versatile and lightweight, this system is the complete package. It comes with a comprehensive Davit Arm Kit, including the Davit Arm, Winches, Counterweight and Blockade equipment.


Manhole Guard Specification

Maximum Working Load with Davit Arm SPXTIN2210: 191kg

Maximum Capacity at Anchorage Point: 22.2kN

Weight: 15kg

Height: 113cm

Length: 92cm

Width: 95cm

Structural Tubes: Duralcan Aluminium

Levelling Screws: Stainless Steel Rubber

Hardware: Zinc Plated Steel

Finish: Security Yellow

Davit Arm Specification

Working Load Mass with Manhole Guard SPXTIN2108: 191kg

Maximum Capacity with Lifeline Winch & Barricade - Position 1 and 2: 19kN

Maximum Capacity with Material Handling - Position: 3 9.5kN

Maximum Capacity at Anchorage Point: 22kN

Weight: 15kg

Length: 143-188cm

Width: 15cm

Height: 25cm

Extension & Guide Tubes: Aluminium

Davit Arm Link: Aluminium

Anchorage Hooks: Stainless Steel

Hardware: Zinc Plated Steel

Guide Tube Sliders: Ultra High Molecular-weight / Polyethylene

Pulley: Black Acetal

Finish: Security Yellow

To hire the XTIRPA Urban Manhole Davit Arm Trench System, or for more information click here.

XTIRPA Urban Manhole Davit System Davit Arm Urban Manhole System