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Product of the Week: Waysafe Safety Light

Let our product of the week guide your project in the right direction – the Waysafe Safety Light is a 300m illuminated cable that marks a safe route or area of danger above or below ground.

Working in confined spaces exposes an individual to a range of potential hazards, some of which result in fatalities. Keeping personnel safe in these potentially dangerous work environments is a top priority, so the very best equipment is required at all times. Our new Waysafe Safety Light has been specifically designed to ensure the safety of personnel, by effectively marking a safe route or area of danger above or below ground, ensuring workers can direct their own or rescued parties down a safe route or to stop them travelling into an area of danger. This intuitive safety light could mean all the difference between getting trapped in a dangerous situation and emerging out to safety.

The Waysafe system is portable and 300m in length with a 5mm diameter, emitting a brilliant green light along its entire length. Its constant illumination is highly visible in the dark, providing a clear reference point that is not only paramount to safety, but also reassuring for personnel.

A revolutionary step in advancement over existing route marking methodology, the Waysafe Safety Light is fast and effortless to deploy with an outstanding battery life of up to 30 hours of full brightness, or 60 hours on flashing mode. The lightweight and sturdy 110v Battery Backup Waysafe has the additional advantage of up to 15 hours battery back-up should the power source fail; project time will never be hindered and personnel can appreciate a constant illuminated reference point whilst at work.

This flexible safety product has proven to be a valuable asset in any Confined Space scenario. The product range has been developed specifically to accommodate the requirements for both portable and plug in power, with robust construction that can withstand extreme work environments. The Waysafe Safety Light will establish itself as an integral benefit for any of your industry sector needs.

To hire the 300m Waysafe Safety Light with 110v Battery, or for more information click here.

Waysafe Safety Light Waysafe Safety Light