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Product of the Week - Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley

Expect fast, accurate and reliable solutions for railway spatial information needs with our product of the week, the Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley, an innovative solution that combines positioning and measurement sensors with communications and software. Just the ticket to get you back on track with your railway maintenance needs!

Available to hire from ESS Safeforce, the Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley is a proficient system that is based on decades of experience in the railway industry. Don’t be railroaded by the demands of Rail Operators, use a Trimble GEDO system and successfully plan, manage and maintain railway track projects.

Measurement, Maintenance and Management

The Trimble GEDO system enables Operators to conduct complete geometric surveys of rail lines. In addition to capturing the absolute position of the rails, the system measures and stores cant and gauge. Data measurements can be captured as the Operator moves continuously along the rails, or by stopping at specified intervals.

The Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley works with speed and precision, offering accurate information on track with optimised utilisation of rail assets. You can’t go wrong with an increased efficiency in planning, design and construction.

Anticipate an increase of productivity in inspection and tamping operations. Trimble GEDO systems collect and manage detailed information needed by Planners and Designers for precise alignment of track and for post-construction inspections and approvals.

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Key Features

  • Speed and precision in measurement operations
  • Accurate, reliable information on track and facilities
  • Optimized utilization of rail assets
  • Increased efficiency in planning, design & construction
  • Reduced downtime for measurement & maintenance

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Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley

Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley

Trimble GEDO CE Rail Trolley