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Product of the week – Ramfan ATEX Air Mover

Our product of the week is the Ramfan ATEX Air Mover, intrinsically safe and ideal for ventilating and exhausting hazardous environments.

Fresh air isn’t always possible in enclosed confined spaces. These areas require ventilation to provide sufficient breathable air, and to dilute and remove gas, fume or vapour produced by the work. Look no further that the intrinsically safe Ramfan ATEX Air Mover, available at ESS Safeforce for both short and long term hire.

Think safe, act safe, be safe. The Ramfan ATEX Air Mover is perfectly designed for ventilating and exhausting confined spaces and other hazardous areas, resulting in a much safer work environment. This portable unit has one of the largest outputs in its class, and the anti-static double wall polyethylene casing is incredibly lightweight and resistant to chemical and corrosion – giving protection to the powerful aluminium turbo blade fan.


The Empty Argon Tank

All it took was an empty Argon tank. The first worker descended into the tank, but when he hit the bottom – he fell unconscious. Seeing his co-worker collapse, the second worker rushed to his aid. He also collapsed. The third worker thought fast to save the others – he turned on the air mover and put the ducting into the tank. He saved both their lives.

The Sewers near Paris

Sometimes, even a lifetime of experience cannot save an individual. Equipped with gas detectors and escape sets, four workers went to work in a sewer system near Paris. One of the workers had over twenty years’ experience working in these kinds of environments. As they trudged through the waste water, pockets of H2S were disturbed - a colourless but highly toxic gas with the characteristic foul odour of rotten eggs. Their gas detectors alerted the workers, but none had enough time to don their escape sets before collapsing. All four tragically died.

The Ship’s Hold

Corn isn’t the first thought that springs to mind when considering gas safety. But unfortunately, it was the downfall of one worker who, after a ship’s hold that was full of corn, died due to CO2 poisoning. Some of the corn had fermented – resulting in a poisonous atmosphere.

The Underpowered Air Mover

This time, ventilation was in place. A worker entered the 670m domestic oil tank to clean the walls with a solvent, thinking he was perfectly safe. Nevertheless, the worker became semi-conscious with the fumes. With an output of 3000m /hr, the air mover just wasn’t powerful enough to vent the oil tank sufficiently – a minimum of 13,000m3/hr was needed!

The Explosive Paint Vapours

Confined spaces are not limited to small areas; the lack of ventilation can cause injuries and fatalities in any work space. Two workers were painting within quite a large duct. No ventilation was used, meaning that the vapours from the paint weren’t being dispersed out of the area. A light broke and reacted with the vapours, causing an explosion. The two workers were severely burnt due to the incident.


- Anti-static
- EEx d IIB T4 and ATEX approved
- Supplied with 7.6 metres of anti-static ducting
- Airflow: 3570m3/hr - 300mm 1392m3/hr - 200mm

Ensure you are safe when working in confined spaces – to hire the Ramfan ATEX Air Mover or for more information, click here.