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Product of the week – Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler

A highly portable and expandable system, the Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler is the future of functionality for quick and efficient pipeline inspection.

For uncompromising quality, you’re in good hands with the Proteus Crawler. This extremely powerful entry-level system offers everything required for the pipeline inspection market with its rugged design and steerable, 6-wheeled crawler.

The powerful Proteus Crawler features CAN bus technology, which permits communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, and reveals relay control and status information such as pressure, inclination, speed, activity and temperature. This robust and lightweight system has a heavy duty connector that integrates a lock system that connects and disconnects without the use of tools. With its built-in lowering device, the system quickly and easily centres the camera inside the pipework, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Expect an exceptional performance with the Proteus Crawler, its optional camera heads and auxiliary lights have exceptionally powerful LED lights, and users are given the option between an axial camera or the 360° pan and rotate camera. A colour rear camera is featured on the auxiliary light to assist with steering the crawler in reverse.

Take on any site challenge with its outstanding functionality; users can record MPEG video and JPEG images, and zoom up to 3X on video review. The system is incredibly user-friendly, granting the user the ability to review footage, organise videos and images in folders, and assess the footage in the thumbnail gallery. The optional reporting module can create an inspection report, which you can then transfer to USB media for on-site delivery.

Top Features

  • Proteus control unit with embedded ProPipe reporting software
  • 200 metre cable reel c/w cable
  • 5 metre link lead
  • Proteus 150mm ATEX crawler with 90mm wheels (set of 6)
  • 140mm wheels (set of 4)
  • Auxiliary lights with reversing camera
  • Pan and rotate camera head
  • Pressurisation kit
  • Portable trolley
  • 5 hour battery pack

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