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Product of the Week - Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Digital Two-way Radio

Our product of the week is the Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Digital Two-way Radio, featuring the latest in digital technology.

When workers face threats from explosive gas, combustible dust or chemical vapours on countless occasions, safe and reliable communication is absolutely critical. The rugged Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Digital Two-way radio definitely delivers with its exceptional voice quality, long battery life and complete ATEX certified solution.

Rugged and Reliable

Put the DP4401EX to the test and let its ATEX rating speak for itself. This durable digital two-way radio meets exceptional standards and endures even the harshest environments. Water and dust are a danger to most radios, but the tough DP4401EX IP67 is designed to withstand dust and immersion in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes.

Safe and Simple

Use the DP4401EX easily even when wearing gloves, with the large PTT, volume, channel knobs and programmable buttons that are incredibly easy to use. Always feel safe when in critical situations -the DP4401EX also features a prominent orange emergency button that enables workers to quickly call for assistance when needed.

Clear Communication

Designed with professionals in mind, these digital two-way radios demonstrate the very best in clear communication, an absolute necessity on busy work sites. The DP4401EX is a high-performing portable radio with the highest ATEX gas explosion group rating, meaning that any job with loud noises, rough weather and dangerous conditions doesn’t stand a chance against this high quality radio.

Professional Protection

The DP4401EX sets the benchmark for worker safety. Loud, clear performance and innovative features like Intelligent Audio and Transmit Interrupt help ensure messages get through in the noisiest environments, and an integrated Man-down and Lone Worker feature sends an instant alert if a mishap occurs. The DP4401EX comes equipped with the ETSI DMR Standard to deliver integrated voice and data, clearer voice communications, and up to 40% longer battery life than analogue.

Our Top Features of the Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Digital Two-way Radio

  • Channel capacity: 32 conversation channels
  • Average battery life: 19 hours when operating on digital
  • 16 hours when analogue
  • Frequencies: UHF B1 (403-470mhz)
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Power output: 1W
  • Full range of accessories including ATEX remote microphone & headsets available

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