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Product of the Week: Draeger PP10 Escape Set

For safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments, choose the Draeger PP10 Escape Set.

In areas where the maximum levels of protection are required, time is of the essence. Workers need a solution that allows for a safe and simple escape; that’s where the Draeger PP10 Escape Set comes in.  The PP10 is quick and easy to put on and features automatic operation and an integrated full-face mask. This positive-pressure breathing device is the perfect protection for workers venturing into confined spaces.

In an emergency situation, workers have to think fast. Conditions can become very dangerous at alarming speeds, with smoke or toxic gases consuming the space. When the only option available is a hasty escape, workers need an escape set they can rely on. The Draeger PP10 Escape Set not only fits the bill, it is also made from highly resistant materials, flame retardant and allows water to drain freely – so no matter the emergency, the PP10 has you covered.

The Draeger PP10 was designed for use by trained personnel. When opened, it is automatically activated and begins feeding a continuous supply of compressed air, granting the user precious additional time needed to exit the area safely. The PP10 can be equipped with cylinders which can hold either a 10 or 15 minute supply of air, and the unit can easily be reset following a false alarm.

This breathing apparatus comes with a reliable Panorama Nova full-face mask which features low exhalation resistance, provides excellent peripheral vision and is self-defogging. The elastic head harness holds the mask securely in place, even under strenuous conditions. The mask can be worn together with ear protectors and helmets.


Weight: 4.9kg

Cylinder charging pressure: 200 bar

Operating temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C

Soft bag

Reflective strips

10 minute compressed air supply

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Draeger PP10 Draeger