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Product Of The Week - Crowcon Tetra 4 Gas Detector

Our 'Product of the Week' is the Crowcon Tetra 4 Gas Detector - providing professionals effective protection against toxic gases

When lives are at risk, the most reliable protection is a must. Available for purchase and hire from ESS Safeforce, the Crowcon Tetra 4 Gas Detector integrates advanced safety features and an intuitive, rugged design to provide advanced protection for those working in harsh environments. For over 45 years Crowcon has been developing and manufacturing high quality products with a reputation for reliability and technical innovation – be confident with your gas safety.

The Crowcon T4 alerts against the four most prevalent gas hazards including oxygen depletion, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and flammable gases. The built-in positive safety indicator has a 'traffic light' indicator to tell the user whether the monitor is safe to use or not, and it also includes a unique feature called TWA (Time Weighted Average) which ensures the gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire shift - even if the gas monitor is switched off for a break or moved to another site. The Crowcon T4 ensures peace of mind with safety at all times.

TWA Resume

TWA Resume ensures time weighted average (TWA) toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire work shift. The red line on the graph shows workers with other detectors risking overexposure to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) by switching their detector off for a lunch break. Only T4 provides the option to include previous measurements in the calculation when you switch your detector back on again and so prevent you exceeding your exposure limit. Because of TWA Resume (green line), T4 alarms at 14:00 when their 8 hour TWA reaches 5pm.

Our Top Features of the Crowcon Tetra 4 Gas Detector

  • TWA resume function
  • 1 Button Operation
  • Positive Safety Indicator
  • Rechargeable Li-ion 18 Hour Battery
  • 5.5 Recharge time
  • Dimensions: W135 x H80 x D35mm
  • Weight: 282g
  • 4 Sensors - One Sensor for Each Gas
  • Alarms: Audible>95dB, Bright Red/Blue Visual LEDs, Integrated Vibrating Alert
  • Rugged Design: Water and dust resistant IP65 & IP67

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