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Product of the Week: Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2

The industry favourite Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2 is an innovative water pipe verifier designed to positively identify pipes that are filled with water using ultrasound technology. Easy-to-use and effortless to transport, the Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2 is the ideal instrument for workers primarily working in the water or gas industry, however it can be used in a variety of other applications. The Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2 has been built with the original Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck in mind after its success and recommendation throughout the UK.

The green, highly-visible LED indicator light will illuminate, together with an audible sounder, when the instrument detects a full water pipe. Not only is the Baugh & Weedon PipeCheck 2 able to detect a pipe full of water, it is also capable of detecting a pipe that is full of gas. In the event that the instrument identifies a pipe that is filled with gas, whether it is natural gas or air, a red LED light will show. As well as a gas pipe, a red light can also indicate a “dead” pipe, a telecom trunking, a cable duct, or a heavily corroded and/or constricted water pipe.

Click here to discover how the fantastic Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2 can provide the ultimate solution for your water or gas industry project.  


  • Pipe diameter range: 90-330mm (3.5 to 13”)
  • Wall thickness range: 5-25mm (0.20 to 1”)
  • Pipe materials: steel, cast iron, plastic
  • Pipe linings: plastic & concrete (if both are well bonded)
  • Power supply: PP39 volt battery (alkaline type)

Kit Includes

  • Fitted battery
  • Probe with integral cable
  • Wire brush
  • Couplant
  • User guide
  • Plastic carry case
Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2 Baugh & Weedon Pipecheck 2