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Make safety your priority this year with our Nationwide Training Courses

ESS Safeforce offer a great selection of training courses so that you and your team can not only get the most from the equipment you buy and hire, but also ensure complete safety in the workplace or on a project. When there is a risk of an incident liable to cause personal injury to yourself or others, it is absolutely imperative that the correct safety procedures are implemented. 

To book one of our training courses, or for details click here. Alternatively, see below for more information on the training courses we offer.

ESS Safeforce Training

Confined Space Training - working in Confined Spaces exposes an individual to a range of potential hazards, ensure you're fully prepared

Training over 35,000 delegates per year, ESS Safeforce has gradually become the market leader in Confined Space Training. Offering a wide range of both standard and tailored courses to suit all requirements, including City & Guilds courses, our specialist team can help ensure that you and your business are adhering to the latest legislations and safety protocols when working in these hazardous environments. Our experienced and qualified trainers will educate you on the procedures and equipment needed to remain safe when working in a variety of Confined Spaces, whether that be a utility tunnel, the inside of a fluid storage tank, a septic tank that has contained sewage, or a small underground electrical vault.

Click here for more information on our Confined Space Training courses.

ESS Safeforce Mobile Training Unit

On-site Confined Space Training - when & where you need it 

Our two Mobile Confined Space units are to provide our customers with further training opportunities, when and where they need them in the North and South of the UK!

Purposely built to support all industry environments, the towable simulator has the unique ability to be transported to the workplace or moved from site-to-site as the job requires, for instance on remote access works or even on call for major projects such as shutdowns and turnarounds, common within the petrochemical industry and water and sewerage authorities.  

The two-tiered mobile training unit consists of 44 metres of configurable tunnel labyrinth, three access points allowing horizontal and vertical entry/exit, LED and emergency lighting and a built-in generator allowing training to be held in areas where there is no power supply.

Click here for more information on our Confined Space Training Unit.

Working at Heights Training

Working at Heights Training - reach new heights with the right knowledge & skills

At ESS Safeforce, we are able to tailor our Working at Height training courses to a particular industry or working method. Our specialist and qualified trainers will provide the underlying, fundamental skills and knowledge needed to manage Work at Height operatives, operate a Safe System of Work or to affect a safe and swift evacuation or rescue.

Designed in compliance with the requirements for IRATA, our custom-built training centre in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire includes dedicated Working at Height exercise areas, classrooms and a breakout area, ensuring that training delegates receive the ultimate learning experience. The exercise area is designed to meet the increasing demand for specialist Work at Height and includes exposed walkways, high platforms and a variety of ladder styles

Click here for more information on our Working at Height training facilities.

Cable Avoidance Training

Cable Avoidance Training - ensure you & your team are utilising the C.A.T tool safely & efficiently 

Candidates will be trained to use the Cable Avoidance Tool in an accurate and safe manner. This is achieved by both theory and practical sessions lasting around four hours. Courses cater for up to eight delegates and can be carried out either in house or on-site, (extra charges may apply).

Alternatively, our Radiodetection RD7000 and RD8000 training courses teach candidates how to use the Radiodetection RD7000/8000 systems, utilising both theory and practical sessions lasting around six hours. The courses are for up to six delegates and can be carried out either in-house or on-site (extra charges may apply) and all course materials are provided by ESS Safeforce along with sufficient equipment for practical training.

Click here for more information on our Cable Avoidance Training.

New Roads & Streetworks Training

New Roads & Streetworks Training - experience the setting out of streetworks in real-life surroundings

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 places a duty upon any person or organisation undertaking work involving the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection of underground apparatus in any street or road to ensure that work is under the control of competent persons.

ESS Safeforce offer a range of New Roads & Street Works training courses including units 222 & 230 Signing, Lighting and Guarding, and Location & Avoidance of Underground Apparatus - Safe Use & Operation.

Click here for more information on our New Roads & Streetworks training facilities.