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Flushing Failure: ESS Safeforce is Wading through the Wet Wells!

ITV Wet Wipe Operation

Hundreds of thousands of wet wipes are getting thrown down the toilet every year – it is an epidemic that is causing millions of pounds in blockages and the consequences are dire. Homes are flooding, the environment is being polluted. Water and sewer blockage companies nationwide are calling for campaigns to help urge people to stop throwing unflushable products down the toilet, including Lanes for Drains’ ‘Unblocktober’ movement, which encourages individuals to make small changes in their daily lives to tackle the growing crisis.

On the 24th October in Kempston, Bedfordshire, Lanes for Drains assisted Anglian Water in their efforts to save our sewers and seas. An astounding 48% of the British public have flushed wet wipes, this causes drains to work less effectively than they should.

“Britain’s sewer network is under ever-increasing pressure - because of our irresponsible actions over the course of many decades. For too long we have consistently flushed and poured dangerous liquids and items into our drains.”

  - Unblocktober 

ESS Safeforce united with Lanes for Drains and Anglian Water, offering our support for the cause and sending in our imperative Safety & Rescue Team. To unblock drains and pipes, personnel need to enter dangerous confined spaces – and that’s where ESS Safeforce thrives. A number of people are killed in confined spaces each year within the UK. For that reason, no person at work should enter or carry out work in a Confined Space unless they and it have been prepared, in respect of sufficient arrangements being made for the rescue of persons in the event of an emergency.

Our specialist team managed the project from start to finish, covering pre-project planning all the way through to project debriefing once the job was complete. Should an emergency situation have arisen and a rescue be required, our specialists were on-hand with the required equipment to conduct not only a quick, but most importantly a safe, rescue.

The project was documented by ITV News Anglia, with presenter Matthew Hudson accompanying the team to report on the important task. 

Find out more on our Safety & Rescue Support Services, or contact [email protected] to enquire.