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ESS Safeforce - Safety, Survey, Communication & Testing Industry Favourites

Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Digital Two-way Radio - power & performance 
Safe and reliable communication is absolutely critical in dangerous environments where there is a constant threat from explosive gas, combustible dust and chemical vapours. That is where the power and performance of the Motorola DP44101EX ATEX Digital Two-way Radio stands out.

The DP4401EX is one of the latest digital two-way radios from Motorola for use in potentially explosive environments. This rugged unit combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology, delivering an increased capacity to efficiently connect all your operators. With exceptional voice quality, long battery life and an ATEX rating for safety, the DP4401EX keeps your workers connected safely and productively.

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Motorola DP4401

Sabre Elsa 15B Escape Set - ensures maximum protection in an escape scenario 
Renowned as the world's leading Constant Flow Escape Set, the Sabre Elsa 15 Minute (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) provides a constant supply of air and is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.

The current design makes the breathing apparatus simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use and performs to the latest European Standard, ensuring maximum protection in an escape scenario.

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Sabre Elsa

Draeger Area Gas Detector X-Zone - portable gas detection system for flexible area monitoring 
State-of-the-art area monitoring – the Draeger X-zone 5000, in combination with the Draeger X-am 5000 gas detection instrument, can be used for the measurement of up to six gases and extends the portable gas detection technology to a unique system, providing it with a wide variety of applications.

The easily transportable, robust and waterproof unit features a bright green LED ring which is used to indicate when there are no hazardous gases present in the atmosphere. On detection of a harmful gas, the built-in ring turns red along with a loud alarm - the result is unparalleled safety when combined with personal air monitors in a hazardous environment.

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Draeger X-Zone Gas Monitor

Titan XL Breathing Air Trailer - designed & built to the highest standards
The custom-made Titan XL Breathing Air Trailer has been developed to provide breathing air in accordance with EN 12021 for up to four users. The trailers have been designed and built to the highest standards, using the latest technology that ensures all personnel are protected on-site.

The single-axle system has a 1,350 kg load capacity and is equipped with a jockey wheel, lockable spare wheel, top cover and tailgate, making this easily-manoeuvrable breathing apparatus trailer suitable for a wide range of applications / industries.

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Breathing Air Trailers

SiteZone Proximity Warning System - reduces the risk of workplace transport accidents
Workplace transport is one of the most common causes of fatalities and serious injuries across many industries, with over 50 deaths and 1,500 major accidents per annum. Almost half of these involve being struck by a moving vehicle. SiteZone’s Proximity Warning Safety System has been designed to help mitigate against such incident.

SiteZone uses radio frequency technology to generate an invisible field around the vehicle. If personnel wearing a PWS transponder enter the detection zone, anaudible and visual alarm is triggered, alerting the machine operator that someone has breached the zone and also activating data recording of the zone breach.


  • Reduces the risk of workplace transport accidents
  • Complements existing safety
  • Data recording & analysis of any triggered incidences
  • Customisable zones & shapes including full 360°

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SiteZone Proximity Warning

Radiodetection gC.A.T4 - leader across all industry segments
The Radiodetection gC.A.T4 (Cable Avoidance Tool) and Genny has become the industry standard pipe and cable avoidance tool, recognised as a leader across all industry segments, providing performance, ruggedness and reliability, together with affordability and low cost of ownership. While the CAT can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services, the Genny can be used to broaden applications by applying a distinctive signal for the CAT to detect.

The gC.A.T4 includes all the features of the C.A.T4 model as well as adding GPS position to the usage data recorded and Bluetooth connectivity that allows seamless transfer of usage data to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud based system for near real-time monitoring of operators' performance.

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Radiodetection gCAT 4

Leica Viva TS16 Total Station - the world's first self-learning total station
The Leica Viva TS16 Total Station automatically adjusts to any environmental conditions, locking on to only your target and ignoring other distractions. No matter how challenging your task is, this smart total station continues to exceed expectations.

Cover a variety of applications with the TS16 seeing just what you see. With the most comprehensive imaging capabilities available, you can capture exact conditions for any jobsite with the self-learning capability of this total station. Available in Imaging (TS16i) and Non-imaging versions (TS16), with configurations including one man systems that utilise the new Leica Captivate CS20 Controller and CS35 Tablet PC.

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Leica Ts16

Chauvin Arnoux PEL 103 - making energy saving simpler
The Chauvin Arnoux PEL 103 is a power energy logger designed to make energy saving simple - quickly enabling you to target the places where work is needed without delay.

All recordings are time / date stamped enabling the user to measure the gains achieved by comparing the recordings before and after modifying an installation. From this, the user can then carry out the necessary work for maintenance or improvement of the electrical network or equipment.

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Chauvin Arnoux Pel103

Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit - reduces load / discharge testing time
The Megger Torkel 930 Battery Load Unit is designed to perform load / discharge testing which is the only way to determine battery systems actual capacity.

The high discharge capacity of the Megger Torkel 930 gives the opportunity to shorten the test time. Discharging can take place at up to 220A and if higher current is needed, two more Megger Torkel units can be linked together. Tests can be conducted at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile.

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Megger Torkel 930

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