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ESS Safeforce provide a communications solution on-site in Aberdeen

ESS Safeforce were asked to visit the customer at their work site in Aberdeen to assess and find a solution to their communication needs.

The construction group required a two-way communication system that would allow the team to communicate along the entire length of the works including access roads if it was achievable.

Using their in-house radio propogation software, ESS Safeforce planned multiple radio networks, which was followed by an on-site radio survey, which ensured that all environmental aspects were taken into consideration before an appropriate communications solution was recommended.

Analysis of the results indicated that a Radio Activity Kairos System consisting of 24km coverage, would meet the site’s requirements due to Scotlands varying topography. The ESS Safeforce team utilised specific directional antennas to provide the RF link between the Kairos Repeaters and Dipole Antennas for the actual RF coverage for the handportables ensuring that the coverage areas overlapped to provide seamless communications coverage along the route.

The Radio Activity Kairos System provides an extensive range of key benefits including: superior coverage and reception, simulcast and roaming capabilities, IP and RF linking, compact and tough casing, true multi-mode operation (analogue and digital), very low power consumption, powerful remote control and monitoring and open standards based.

ESS Safeforce’s knowledge, expertise and market leading communications fleet provided the customer with a cost effective solution backed by specialist on-site tech support.

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