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ESS Safeforce makes hazardous tank cleaning a breeze

A recent challenge facing Tipperary based company AQS Environmental Services included a project in Leixlip Co Kildare requiring the cleaning of a Foul Sewer Chamber in a potentially hazardous confined space. Following enquiries, the task was subsequently completed by AQS using specialist equipment hired from ESS Safeforce.

ESS Safeforce collaborated with Sean Slattery, Health and Safety Manager at AQS Environmental Solutions, to identify the specific challenges. The chamber, known as a Vortex Chamber, had limited access and would, in all probability, contain a risk of harmful gases. This project was ideally suited to ESS Safeforce, having a vast range of industry knowledge and best practice in this highly regulated field.

After risk assessing the confined space entry to the chamber, it was confirmed that a breathable air system would be required for any operative working in the chamber. Eoghan O’Flaherty, ESS Safeforce Technician, advised using a Four Cylinder Breathing Air Trailer which would provide a continuous air supply for two working lines of up to 90m in length. The set-up would also feature an additional rescue line in case of an emergency.

This particular model air trailer comprises a self-contained high pressure breathing air supply mounted on a road towable trailer. Up to four people wearing positive type breathing apparatus can be supplied with a constant air flow for up to 29 hours. The unit’s control panel is a safety feature in itself, being easy to use and just part of a raft of improved safety features included with this model. The whole system is enclosed within a box trailer with lockable access doors at the front and rear and an integral lifting eye enables it to be easily manoeuvred on site.

AQS used a JHL Superflex Jetting and Suction Unit to clean the chamber and the operative entered the chamber using the BA system and commenced the clean down. At all times he was safely connected to a Davit Counterweight Rescue System which was also provided by ESS Safeforce.

AQS’s Sean Slattery comments:

“The works in this tank were completed safely and we were very impressed with the level of on-site and technical support given: the fully certified equipment provided by ESS was presented competently and professionally.”

ESS Safeforce’s Eoghan O’Flaherty adds:

“I was delighted AQS chose our Four Cylinder BA trailer to ensure their operators were safe in what was a hazardous working environment; our equipment provided the comfort and confidence required to ensure the job was completed safely and in a timely manner”.