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ESS Safeforce hosts Annual Face Fit Testing Seminar for Nationwide Respiratory Equipment Experts

On the 30th July 2019 Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) experts and Face Fit Testers were invited to our head office in Wellingborough to attend our annual Face Fit Testing Seminar. Guests joined us from far and wide, from the north of Scotland, across to the North West and down to Devonshire. The aim of the event was to provide and share the most up-to-date information and regulations regarding Face Fit Testing and RPE Equipment, as well as for this niche group of experts to be able to network and liaise with one another.

The day was started with a speech and introduction from our Face Fit Testing specialist, Dan Hill, who continuously collaborates with Health and Safety officials, RPE equipment suppliers and other professionals within the industry to ensure that ESS Safeforce are providing the very best and most accurate services to support our customers.

Special guests were invited to speak throughout the day which included representatives from BSiF (British Safety Industry Federation), Breathe Freely and Ray Nye and Mavis Nye DR (Hon) BCAh– a husband and wife haunted by the lack of safety regulations and Face Fit Testing in the 1950’s, who shared their extraordinary story.

A little insight into their story…

A new couple in the 1950’s, Mavis and Ray would spend their ten minute lunch breaks together daily, unaware that Ray was continuously covered in asbestos, a highly dangerous mineral that they would later learn can have fatal effects on your health. 50 years on, after lying dormant for almost half a century, Mavis was sadly diagnosed with Mesothelioma – a cancer caused only by asbestos exposure and ingestion.

During years of gruelling treatment including trial therapies that only few people have received, Mavis set up The Mavis Nye Foundation charity to support other ‘Mesowarriors’, to give hope to fellow victims and to continue raising awareness for the paramount need to wear the correctly fitted and certified RPE equipment at work.

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After a barbeque lunch kindly sponsored by Alpha Solway – a UK supplier of world-class respiratory protection, the group reconvened to spend the afternoon enjoying a variety of innovative product demonstrations from various suppliers including Alpha Solway, RPB Safety, TSI and Brandon Hire Station.

Coming soon to ESS Safeforce…

The world’s most versatile respirator – the RPG® Z-Link® Multi-Purpose Respirator – this unique system is designed for use in a wide spectrum of industries and applications on the market including welding, grinding, pharma and chemical handling. Unlike any other multi-purpose respirator, users can customise every element of the Z-Link® to ensure that it is appropriately and comfortably suited to their requirements. From in-built ear defenders and welding screens, to a variety of industry-approved protective skirts, the RPG® Z-Link® is bound to take the world by storm.

Look out for it landing at ESS Safeforce in the very near future!

Do you require Face Fit Testing?

ESS Safeforce has a dedicated team of Fit2Fit accredited, Respiratory Support Experts and together with being a specialist provider of in-house Face Fit Testing, we are also able to provide on-site Face Fit Testing, when and wherever you need it. Whether you require a Qualitative or Quantitative Face Fit Test, ESS Safeforce will ensure that the test is carried out correctly.

Our Face Fit Testing services don’t stop there; ESS Safeforce also provides accredited Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit Testing Training along with Basic Respiratory Protective Equipment User Training.

For more information contact [email protected]

ESS Safeforce Face Fit Testing Seminar
ESS Safeforce Face Fit Testing Seminar Mavis Nye Face Fit Testing Seminar Ray Nye Face Fit Testing Seminar Face Fit Testing Seminar ESS Safeforce ESS Safeforce Face Fit Testing Seminar