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ESS Safeforce - Dedicated to your Safety

Coxley Live was approached by Netherton J & I School to see if the organisation would be interested in contributing towards the purchase of a community defibrillator.

The Committee agreed that it would be good to help and could raise money through the ever popular community Scarecrow weekend.

Over 300 mini scarecrows were sold leading up to the event and donations were made on the day including collecting buckets.

Enquiries were made regarding possible suppliers to ascertain how much money would need to be raised.

Mr Andrew Woodings, a long serving Governor at Netherton School was approached to help find a supplier. He in turn approached his employer ESS Safeforce to see if they could offer some form of discount. They kindly agreed to donate the AED and heated cabinet at no cost.

Coxley Live subsequently paid for the installation of the equipment from money raised.

Trinity Methodists served refreshments over the scarecrow weekend and have generously donated £100 to help purchase replacement Defibrilator pads when required.

In case of emergency

The first thing to do if you suspect someone has had a heart attack is to DIAL 999 and follow the operators’ guidance. DO NOT LEAVE THE PATIENT ALONE.

If someone else is available to collect the AED the operator will give you the code to the cabinet.

Bring all the contents from the cabinet. Once with the patient open the AED and listen and follow the instructions.

About the AED

Featuring fully automatic operation, the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 defibrillator recognises when a shock is required and delivers this without the need of manual input. Providing easy to follow, clear voice and text prompts throughout treatment, the Powerheart G5 has been designed to help keep the responder calm while operating the defibrillator. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 is available with iCPR device, designed to provide real-time CPR feedback to help maximise effectiveness of chest compressions.