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Effective Lighting On-site Is Vital – Ensure You Have The Best Possible Solutions

ATTEX Lighting

Adequate and suitable lighting, including emergency lighting, should be provided in all circumstances where safety and precision is required.
Effective lighting is paramount for safe working practices and project efficiency, ESS Safeforce is dedicated to offering not only quality equipment for 
minor works, but also full support in large volume applications like major projects at refineries, chemical plants and power stations. 

Here is a handy guide for our intrinsically safe lighting range...

Safety Lighting

Revamp Your Gear with Our Handlamps & Torches

When working in areas such as confined spaces or industrial sites, efficient and up-to-date equipment is vital. Lighting the way to better equipment is
our range of handlamps and torches, these ATEX approved, high strength and robust portable lights are imperative aids in low-visibility areas - but
which torch do you need for your project?

The ATEX Rechargeable LED Handlamp from Wolf is a high performance, lightweight and compact handlamp for safe use in Zone 1 (Gas) and Zone
21 (Dust). Its high powered LED light delivers a piercing beam that floods through the darkness, giving a peak of 200 lumens light output.

The Wolf Right Angled ATEX Safety Torch is a reliable, simple and cost-effective portable light, available with a straight or right-angle body style
and includes the option of vacuum or xenon bulbs.

The Wolf ATEX LED HT-650 Zone 0 Headtorch is the ideal high light output and long duration headtorch for hands free lighting, particularly where
access is difficult and requires climbing or crawling. With a 'Fitted for Life' high power LED light source, the HT-650 has a powerful light output of up
to 130 lumens with an optimum light duration of approximately 17 hours from a set of three AA alkaline cells. 

Wolf Torches

Shedding Light On Our Floodlamp Range

Our intrinsically safe Floodlamps and Worklights are designed for use in hazardous areas to remove the risk of sparking which may cause explosions
or fires in flammable conditions. These challenging environments need capable lighting that is CE marked to comply with applicable ATEX directives,
as well as being water and dust tight. Take a look below to discover which lighting equipment is the ideal solution for your project.

The 10w Portable LED Worklight is compact, reliable and delivers an excellent performance. Ideal for providing scene and work lighting without the
need to provide a separate power source. Scene lighting can be set up in seconds by a range of end users such as builders, surveyors and tradesperson.

The Portable LED Worklight comes in both 10w and 20w editions, delivering an outstanding performance at a budget. These tough worklights provide
cost-effective lighting for virtually all work sites and are particularly useful in harsh, remote applications for extended periods.

Safety Handlamps

The Rechargeable LED Single Head Floodlight – Peli is Network Rail approved and easily deployed to deliver high intensity lighting without a
separate power source. This powerful floodlight even won ‘Highly Commended’ in the Network Rail Innovations Award, so users can be rest
assured of its quality.

Peli Light

The Dialight ATEX LED Floodlamp is suitable for use in Zone 1 (Gas) and is capable of being linked together as a group. The light is rugged in
design and has an Ingress Protection rating of IP67, ensuring that it is protected from dust and water.

The ATEX LED Floodlamp from Wolf is a high performance, lightweight and portable floodlight for safe use in Zone 1 (Gas) and Zone 21 (Dust).
It has 110 and 230 available voltages depending on your requirements, with a strong light output of 58w.


The ATEX High Output LED Zone 1 Floodlamp is portable and designed for lighting large areas with a clear white light. It boasts longstanding
protection against the elements in the harshest environments with its IP66 Ingress Protection rating, and is approved for ATEX Zones 1, 21,
2 and 22.

ATEX Floodlamp

The Wolf ATEX Zone 0 Floodbank System exploits the excellent performance and reliability of the Wolflite XT Rechargeable Zone 0 Handlamps
to deliver collectively a flood of outstanding illumination of up to 2,100 lumens to a Zone 0 hazardous task area. Available in two, four or six
handlamp bank configurations, the stands can be placed on level ground or mounted on a tripod (available separately) to elevate, direct and
focus the light to the desired working area.

Floodbank Light System

Whatever your lighting requirements for a project, ESS Safeforce are always available to advise and support. Click here to view our full
lighting hire range, or 
click here for our lighting sales range. Alternatively, call 0800 000 346 or email [email protected] for
more information.