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Confined Space Rescue, RWE Power Plant, Great Yarmouth

Supplying a team of five engineers on a daily basis over a 12 week period, ESS Safeforce installed six monitoring VISICS systems with cameras and gas detectors at each confined space entry point, and three turnstile systems for swiping in and out of the critical confined space areas.

The captured information was fed back to a control room situated just outside the main building which provided visual monitoring, whilst logging the maintenance teams in and out of each area.

In addition to the VISICS team, ESS Safeforce had two technicians standing by as the rescue team and a fifth person on-site manning the ‘Safety Shop’, which provided a range of confined space safety equipment to the site and its contractors.

Commissioned in 2002, the RWE Power Plant is a gas fired power station that generates 420MW of electricity, which is enough to meet the needs of some 400,000 people. This is about half the population of Norfolk. It is well located, highly efficient and flexible, with the ability to start up and shut down quickly and reliably in response to changing demand.

The VISICS E-Monitoring system is the ideal solution for companies who require increased safety levels at lower costs.

To learn more about the VISICS E-Monitoring System, click here.

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