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Back to work, back on hire? Safety, Survey, Communications, Test & Measurement

Return from the Easter break on full form by ensuring that you have the very best equipment at hand! From an initial site survey, through to delivery and completing the follow-up works, as one of the leading specialist Safety, SurveyCommunications and Test and Measurement companies in the UK, ESS Safeforce can provide industry-leading equipment and solutions, committed to promoting safety and ensuring project efficiency for your spring projects.

Take a look below at some of our fantastic range and get back to work with the same high quality service!

Gas Detection

Gas Detection - industry-leading performance & reliability at an affordable price

Boasting an extensive fleet of Gas Detection instruments from the leading manufacturers such as Draeger, Crowcon and MSA,
ESS Safeforce can provide comprehensive guidance and a product offering that few, if any, can equal. We supply Handheld Portable Gas Detection Units, Specialist Gas Units and Area Gas Detectors, needed to meet the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries including petrochemical, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical plants, polyurethane foam manufacturing, wind turbines, power generation, wastewater treatment and utilities

Our Gas Detection range utilises the latest in sensor technology and field-proven techniques, providing detection of toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. Products in our Gas Detection range are designed for ease-of-use, intuitive operation and reliable performance with robust and lightweight construction and configurable sensor options.

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Davit Arms

Confined Space Access - safety is paramount in hazardous environments

Whether you are entering, escaping or working within a Confined Space, such as a vessel, chamber, tank, silo or pit, there is risk of serious injury, or even death due to hazardous substances or unsafe working conditions. Access and egress to Confined Spaces either above or below ground, in addition to the safe working in Confined Spaces, requires specialist equipment to ensure the safety of both your personnel and the general public - at ESS Safeforce we supply a full range of Confined Space Access Equipment including Davit Arm SystemsFall Arrest Tripods and Retrievers.

Davit Arms are used when there is a requirement for a Confined Space entry which does not have a primary means of access, i.e. no tested access ladder or step irons. It can also be used for emergency standby for evacuating casualties. As the market leader in Confined Space Training, we can advise, supply and train you and your team on using the most suitable equipment for Confined Space entry and rescue.

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Emergency Lighting

Hazardous Area Lighting - intrinsically safe, first-rate lighting solutions

Our intrinsically safe Hazardous Area Lighting fleet is designed to be safe in environments where any spark would be a major safety risk. Our Safety Handlamps and Torches, Floodlamps, Linklights and ATEX Lighting products are designed to be durable and portable for use in often challenging environments, including hazardous.

ESS Safeforce is able to offer our clients not only the quantity and quality of equipment for minor works, but also full support in large volume applications like major projects at refineries, chemical plants and power stations. For more information on how we can further support major projects via our Specialist Support Services, click here

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Laser Levels

Laser Levels - enhance your application performance

Laser Levels available for hire from ESS Safeforce include the latest in rugged yet intelligent and versatile solutions. Each Laser Level significantly enhances your application performance when carrying out work on a construction site as well as everyday surveying tasks. We offer a full range of construction Laser Levels from manufacturers such as Leica Geosystems and Datum Survey Equipment to cater for every levelling task. Laser Levels include Interior Lasers, Exterior LasersSingle and Dual Grade and Pipe Lasers.

Our range of Laser Levels offer maximum accuracy and precision, providing the ideal solution for on-site levelling projects. 

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Cable Avoidance

Cable Avoidance Tools - a rugged & reliable solution to underground utility detection

Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities, Cable Avoidance Tools help to locate these buried cables and services. Reduce the risk of these cable strikes from buried services with Cable Location products from ESS Safeforce - we supply a range of Cable Location products available for hire, including Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T), Signal Generators or Transmitters, Precision Locators and Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR).

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Specialist Comms

Communications Equipment - crystal clear clarity every time

At ESS Safeforce, we aim to meet the specific communication requirements of every individual customer, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and commitment that form the core of our company’s ethos.

With our vast range of Radios, we can tailor each order around the demands that can occur with providing workable radio communications across all variety of sites and work areas. Whether to advise over the phone, or visit and provide on-site assistance, we have the technical specialists to help. Communications Equipment available for short and long term hire includes Digital RadiosAnalogue Radios, ATEX Radios and Specialist Communications Equipment.  

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Test & Measurement

Test and Measurement Equipment - high precision, dependable functionality

Our Test and Measurement instruments have been carefully handpicked by our experienced team of engineers to ensure the safety, reliability and functionality of our Test and Measurement Equipment. Our extensive knowledge and capability allows us to deliberate and execute your unique requirements and we believe it is this which sets us apart from other companies.

Each of our instruments come with their own unique purpose and are devised to deliver a high standard of specification, these include:

Power Analysis Equipment
Electrical Test Equipment
Cable Testing Equipment
Area Network Test Equipment
Test and Calibration Equipment
Visual Inspection Equipment
Temperature Test Equipment
Pressure Test Equipment
Environmental Monitoring
Flow Measuring Equipment

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How can we help you on your next project?

Retaining a rental fleet of over 50,000 items, our innovative product range can provide a safe and efficient solution for a wide variety of applications, such as those dealing with the challenges of a hazardous environment, carrying out a critical construction survey, or even deploying equipment and services to a critical project.

View our full range here... or contact us [email protected] / 0800 000 346 for more information.