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Autumn brings with it lower visibility - let ESS Safeforce guide the way to a safe season of work...

Industrial & Hazardous Area Lighting

Effective lighting is paramount for safe working practices and project efficiency. ESS Safeforce is the market leader in the UK for hazardous area lighting and is dedicated to providing a complete range of industrial lighting solutions. We are able to offer our clients not only the quantity and quality of equipment required for minor works, but also full support in large volume applications like major projects at refineries, chemical plants and power stations.

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Safety Lighting

Waysafe Safety Light - 110v Battery - 300m

Entering and working in confined spaces has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of many industry sector's daily activities. Waysafe's new and simple to operate 300m illuminated cable has been developed to ensure the safety of personnel, by effectively marking a safe route or area of danger above or below ground, ensuring workers can direct their own or rescued parties down a safe route, or to stop them travelling into an area of danger.

The battery powered Waysafe system marks a significant advance in capability over current route / marking methodology. Simple and speedy deployment reduces project time and with a long battery life of up to 30 hours in constant illumination and at full brightness, or 60 hours on flashing mode, this safety product proves to be a valuable asset in any confined space scenario.

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Waysafe Lighting

RidgeGear Glow Harness

Gain unprecedented levels of visibility in areas with restrictive light with the new RidgeGear Glow Harness. This innovative patent pending product is the first of its kind. Boasting a reflective yarn that is woven into the webbing, the glow harness extends line of sight, helping to create a safer work environment.

Designed specifically for confined space operations, the RGH5 Glow Harness has front and rear attachment points and a rescue strap which can be used for lifting and lowering. The rescue loop may also be used for fall arrest under certain conditions.

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Glo Harness

SiteZone Proximity Warning System

One of the most common workplace hazards is vehicle-personnel collisions, causing over 50 deaths and 1,500 major accidents every year. This dangerously high statistic has increased the need to generate a system that reduces the risk of transport accidents – that’s where the SiteZone Proximity Warning System (PWS) excels. The SiteZone PWS is an audible and visual warning system that can be used anywhere the proximity of people and vehicles working together is of concern, creating a safer workplace for all.

Using radio frequency technology, SiteZone PWS creates an invisible detection field around a vehicle, machine or restricted area. The machine operator will be alerted by an audio and visual alarm if any personnel wearing a transponder has entered the detection zone, and the zone breach will be recorded, enabling them to halt work, shutdown and avoid personnel from suffering injury. Software findings allow sites and companies to monitor specific zones, highlighting increased danger zones, or those who consistently breach areas.

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SiteZone Proximity Warning

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our range of infrared cameras and software not only quickly locate problems, their non-contact precision temperature measurement and analysis capabilities instantly deliver the answers you need to locate and understand what action to take, and when.

The Flir E6 is a feature rich thermal imaging camera offering a straight forward point and shoot operation, requiring no prior thermal camera knowledge or experience. Despite being designed for beginners, it offers better image quality and more advanced thermal analysis features than usually associated with entry level cameras. Inclusion of a built-in digital camera means that digital images can be taken and used for comparison, as well as easier location of faults during the reporting phase. The digital image also provides a visual reference next to the thermal image.

The Testo 875-2i thermal imaging camera has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, featuring an integrated digital camera and SuperResolution to make users work in industrial and building thermography even quicker and more efficient. Users can carry out completely non-destructive tests on materials and components in industrial thermography with the Testo 875-2i.

The C.A 1950 is a powerful tool for analysing building insulation and heat losses. This thermal imaging camera enables you to detect faults and anomalies such as thermal bridges, insulation faults on the exterior of a building, draught proofing and presence of excessive humidity.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

Chauvin Arnoux CA 813 Lightmeter

Check that your lighting is in full compliance with standards with the CA 813 light meter, a small size meter that is designed to measure light levels in various ranges, from 20 Lux up to 200,000 Lux. The wide range allows it to be used on high and low light applications.

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Chauvin Arnoux

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Retaining a rental fleet of over 50,000 items, our innovative product range can provide a safe and efficient solution for a wide variety of applications, such as those dealing with the challenges of a hazardous environment, carrying out a critical construction survey, or even deploying equipment and services to a critical project.

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