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Equipment Rental

Retaining a rental fleet of over 50,000 items, our innovative product range can provide a safe and efficient solution for a wide variety of applications, such as those dealing with the challenges of a hazardous environment, carrying out a critical construction survey, or even deploying equipment and services to a critical project.

We recognise that a good rental business is not just about the range of products and services, it’s about the availability and support for each and every customer. Therefore our branches are strategically located across the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands, allowing our trained driver technicians to offer the same or next day delivery and support.

Scroll down to view our Safety, Survey, Communications and Test and Measurement product categories or alternatively hover over the 'Rental' tab above and choose your required product group.

Gas Detection

Our huge range of personal and area gas detectors and monitors will allow you to operate in the toughest of industrial environments including hazardous areas and confined spaces. Our rental fleet includes a variety of single or multi-gas detectors, hosting compact, lightweight and robust designs, from simple alarm-only units to fully configurable and serviceable instruments.

We rent and sell the latest innovative gas detection instruments from the leading manufacturers including Dräger, Crowcon, MSA and many more. ESS has everything you need to detect and alert you to dangerous levels of up to five different gases.

The equipment comes complete with calibration certificate so it is ready to use as soon as you receive it!

Click here to view our full range of gas detection equipment available for rental.

Breathing Apparatus

As specialists in the equipment rental field, ESS know that to ensure the safety of those working in hazardous environments you need the ultimate in reliability and ease of use when it comes to safety equipment.

That’s why we offer a wide range of high quality and reliable equipment including self-contained breathing apparatus, emergency escape, masks, long duration breathing equipment, cylinders, airlines and rebreathers.

We stock the major manufacturer brands including Draeger, Scott Safety and MSA.

Click here to view our full range of breathing apparatus available for rental.

Confined Space Access

No person at work should enter or carry out work in a confined space unless they and it have been prepared, in respect of sufficient arrangements being made and also having access to the suitable safety equipment.

As the market leader in confined space training, we have a genuine understanding of the issues faced within these challenging environments and the equipment needed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

We offer the full spectrum of confined space access equipment including fall arrest tripods, retrievers, stretchers, man riding winches, rope rescue systems, davit arms, folding towers, boatswain chair and fabric ladders.

Click here to view our full range of confined space access equipment available for rental.

Confined Space Access Equipment

Safety Harnesses and Lanyards

Safety Harnesses and Lanyards

Our extensive range of lightweight and unobtrusive safety harnesses and lanyards provide the solution for people working at height or within confined spaces.

Whether you are looking for a dual purpose, confined space rescue or height safety harness, we can supply it fully tested, complete with service certificate.

Each harness and lanyard has gone through rigorous testing, resulting in a superior level of safety equipment that exceeds current legislation and will be welcomed by users as a much needed improvement on the existing options available within the market.

Click here to view our full range of confined space access equipment available for rental.

Working at Height

Falls are the largest cause of accidental death in the construction industry, they account for 50% of all fatalities. That's why we stock the latest in innovative safety equipment for working at height including fall arrest blocks, guard rails, eye bolts, anchor systems and rope rescue devices.

For any work at height, precautions are required to prevent or minimise the risk of injury from a fall. Let ESS Safeforce assist and help ensure you or your team don't fall for the many dangers of working at height.

Click here to view our full range of working at height equipment available for rental.

Working at Height Rental

Hazardous Area Ventilation and Power

Hazardous Area Ventilation and Power

Some confined spaces are enclosed to the extent that they require mechanical ventilation to provide sufficient fresh air to replace the oxygen that is being used up by people working in the space and to dilute and remove gas, fume or vapour produced by the work.

This can be done by using a blower fan and trunking and/or an exhaust fan. Fresh air should be drawn from a point where it is not contaminated either by used air or other pollutants

We stock a wide range of ventilation equipment ideal for ventilating confined spaces.

Click here to view our full range of hazardous area ventilation equipment available for rental.


Industrial and Hazardous Area Safety Lighting

Adequate and suitable lighting, including emergency lighting, should be provided in all circumstances. For example, the lighting will need to be specially protected if used where flammable or potentially explosive atmospheres are likely to occur.

Effective lighting is paramount for safe working practices and project efficiency. ESS is the market leader in the UK for hazardous area lighting and is dedicated to providing a complete range of industrial lighting solutions.

We are able to offer our clients not only the quantity and quality of equipment for minor works but also full support in large volume applications like major projects at refineries, chemical plants and power stations.

Click here to view our full range of industrial and hazardous area safety lighting equipment available for rental.

Industrial Lighting

General Safety Rental

General Safety

We offer safety equipment for a huge spectrum of applications and industries, from hand arm vibration protection, rescue stretchers, water safety to specialist suits to resuscitators.

Click here to view our full range of general safety equipment available for rental.

Optical and Digital Levels

Our range of optical and digital levels defies the toughest of building-site environments. Come rain or shine, in dazzling light or shade they provide reliable and extremely precise measurement results.

Even the vibration from heavy construction machinery does not affect their accuracy and there is no need for regular checks in the workshop or constant readjustment - saving time and money!

Click here to view our full range of optical and digital levels available for rental.

Optical and Digital Levels

Laser Levels Rental

Laser Levels

As a manufacturer approved supplier of Leica surveying equipment, we pride ourselves in offering customers an innovative and reliable solution for all their surveying needs.

We offer automatic and self-levelling laser levels which can be used for any application involving precise grade control such as agricultural applications, concrete forming and framework, setting foundations and footings, building pads, parking lots and runways, to name a few...

In addition to the levelling instruments themselves, we supply accessories such as column clamps and tripods.

Click here to view our full range of laser levels available for rental.

Robotic Total Stations and GPS Systems

Whether you want to survey a parcel of land or objects on a construction site, determine measured points on facades or in rooms, gather the coordinates of a bridge or a tunnel - Leica Geosystems’ total stations provide the right solution for every application.

They unite reliable results with easy operation and user-friendly applications. The total stations are designed to meet your specific requirements. Modern technology enables you to work fast and productively, thanks to the straightforward and clearly structured range of functions.

Click here to view our full range of total stations for rental.

Click here to view our full range of GNSS and GPS systems available for rental.

Robotic Total Stations

Machine Control

Machine Control

As the UK's only Leica Machine control authorised partner, we have the pleasure of offering our customers the use of technology based on GNSS, total stations and lasers to guide or to control a dozer or excavator.

By the use of this technology you accurately guide and position the machine to improve efficiency and productivity, reducing your operating costs and optimising material usage and above all increasing your site safety. The use of machine control reduces the need for people to work in and around the equipment removing your staff away from the danger area.

There is a machine control digging solution to suit your changing needs. Move from a Leica Basic Digging System to Leica Geosystems’ level and cross slope solution Leica iCON excavate 31.You can even upgrade to a complete Leica iCON excavate 41 3D solution using TPS and GNSS technology.

Click here for more information on machine control.

SiteZone Proximity Warning Safety System

Workplace transport is one of the most common causes of fatalities and serious injuries across many industries, with over 50 deaths and 1500 major accidents per annum.

Almost half of these involve being struck by a moving vehicle. SiteZone’s proximity warning safety system has been designed to help mitigate against such incident.

SiteZone uses radio frequency technology to generate an invisible field around the vehicle. If personnel wearing a PWS transponder enter the detection zone an audible and visual alarm is triggered, alerting the machine operator that someone has breached the zone and also activating data recording of the zone breach.

Click here for more information on the SiteZone Proximity Warning Safety System.



SiteZone Proximity Warning System

Cable Avoidance Tools

We offer an innovative range of cable detection tools, engineered to deliver a step change in capabilities with minimal change in work practices or training requirements.

Our range of cable avoidance tools include an excavator system, C.A.T and Genny, Rod Sonde and ground penetrating radars.

Click here to view our full range of cable avoidance tools available for rental.

Environmental Inspection

We specialise in carrying a wide range of reliable and robust imaging cameras, industrial inspection equipment, pipe and tube inspection units, as well as impact soil testers.

Click here to view our full range of environmental inspection tools available for rental.

Environmental Inspection Rental

Rail Gauges Rental

Rail Gauges

Have access to quick, accurate and reliable rail gauges by renting one of the many pieces of equipment ESS stock, including an Abtus Laser Height and Stagger Gauge, Routescan, platform gauge and sighting boards.

Click here to view our full range of rail gauges available for rental.

Digital and ATEX Radios

Whether on an oil rig, in a gas installation or another potentially explosive environment, safe and reliable communication is paramount.

ESS has thousands of approved professional portable radios to give your team members instant access to one or many colleagues at the touch of a button, without compromising safety and allows constant contact should a critical situation need resolving.

Click here to view our full range of digital, analogue and ATEX radios available for rental.

Specialist Communications and Accessories

Whether you need a Portable Analogue Repeater, a Satellite Phone Emergency Kit or even a Pump Up Mast, ESS stock it and can deliver it to you for short and long term rental.

Ensure you and your team are safe by having clear and reliable communications with our specialist communication equipment and accessories.

Click here to view our full range of specialist communication equipment available for rental.

Power Analysis Equipment

Our Electrical Engineers can discuss particular applications, install the appropriate instrument from our extensive range and carry out the analysis. We can recommend the best equipment for Power Factor Correction, Protection Co-ordination and Harmonic Filtering.

Equipment available for rental includes: Power Quality Analysers, Energy Loggers, Multifunction Calibrators and Transient Analysers.

Click here to view our full range of power analysis equipment available for rental.

Electrical Test Equipment

At ESS we have a huge selection of Electrical Test Equipment to rent.

From Battery Load Testers, C/T Analysers to high Voltage Test Sets and Oil Test Sets.

Click here to view our full range of electrical test equipment available for rental.

Cable Testing Equipment

We provide a range of Cable Testing Equipment that provide end to end testing, commissioning and de-commissioning of all cable types from Armoured HV cable to CAT 5, 5e and 6 and including Multimode Fibre Optic Cabling Networks. This includes the location and spiking of buried power cables.

Click here to view our full range of cable testing equipment available for rental.

Test and Calibration Equipment

At ESS we can provide a wide range of general purpose Test and Calibration Equipment suitable for both workshop and field use.

We have an extensive range of mV & mA (4-20mA) signal injection test equipment for Thermocouple, Pressure Transmitters and Frequency calibration and testing. Including basic equipment utilised such as Multimeters (IS and Non IS) Radio Communication Equipment (IS) and Dry Block Temperature Calibrators.

Click here to view our full range of test and calibration equipment available for rental.

Visual Inspection Equipment

Our range of Visual Inspection Equipment provides accuracy and ease of use for projects requiring attention to detail.

Try our feature rich thermal imaging camera, offering a straight forward point and shoot operation requiring no prior thermal camera knowledge or experience. Despite being designed for beginners it offers better image quality and more advanced thermal analysis features than usually associated with entry level cameras.

Alternatively inspect with confidence with the lightweight, ultra-compact videoscope system which uses an internal battery resulting in new levels of portability.

Click here to view our full range of visual inspection equipment available for rental.

Temperature Test Equipment

ESS provide a comprehensive range of temperature measuring equipment, multi-channel recording, data acquisition and data logging equipment. These begin with the basic Temperature Indicator (IS) and include Oven Thermal Profile Loggers and sophisticated Thermal Imaging Cameras, complete with report analysis software. 

Data can be manipulated utilising purpose designed software or indicated on paper chart recorders.

Click here to view our full range of temperature test equipment available for rental.

Flow Measuring Equipment

We have a selection of Invasive and Non-Invasive Flow Measuring Equipment.

We can provide a customised Orifice Plate manufacture service that when coupled with a chart recording set, comprising of DP Cell and Chart recorder, can allow flow measurement testing to be undertaken.

Click here to view our full range of flow measuring equipment available for rental.