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Communications Products

At ESS, we aim to meet the specific communication requirements of every individual customer, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and commitment that form the core of our company’s ethos.

With our range of radios, we can tailor each order around the demands that can occur with providing workable radio communications across all variety of sites and work areas. Whether to advise over the phone, or visit and provide on-site assistance, we have technical specialists to help.

Our wide range of Communications Equipment available to you through ESS include Digital Radios, Analogue Radios, Duplex Radio Systems, Masts, Headsets, Repeaters, Satellite Phone Emergency Kits, Two Way Radios and On-site Support.  


Our ‘On-site Communications Service’ provides your team and project with 24 hour technical support when using a wide range of radio systems. Communication Engineers will be on hand throughout your project to brief staff on using the equipment and assist during the set-up and maintenance of each device from one of our custom built radio communications mobile units. Should your communication system encounter a problem, our Communication Engineers will be on hand to resolve the issue instantaneously, avoiding project delays and increased cost, as well as ensuring a safe environment. Our fleet of Radio Communication Units are fitted with the latest communication and servicing technology and can be deployed anywhere in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands.