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MSA SavOx Rebreather

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MSA Savox Rebreather

The MSA SavOx Rebreather is for use where there is a relatively low risk of respiratory hazard and where a compact, unobtrusive escape breathing apparatus is required. All offer a compact and lightweight solution that supplies typically 20 to 90 minutes of oxygen(depending on breathing rate) to the wearer.

They are all housed in tough, tamper resistant cases and the Draeger unit also features a sight glass to indicate that the unit is ready for use, plus integral goggles. All units are CE marked and approved to EN 401.


  • Automatic starter.
  • Breath controlled.
  • Small size, low weight for easy donning, use and carrying.
  • Features automatic starter, indicator and stainless steel canister.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long storage life.
  • Low weight.

  • Each £760.00

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