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Fall Arrest Retriever - 20 Metre

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fall Arrest retriever

Used as a fall arrest device for confined spaces, these retrieval winches come complete with an emergency winch handle so the casualty can be winched out of the confined space. They can be used mounted vertically above a casualty or mounted on a tripod or davit arm system. ° Capacity: 34kg to 141kg / Emergency raising only ° Lifeline extends and retracts automatically allowing the user to move around the work area unhindered ° Self adjusting disc brake stops falls within a few inches and limits arresting falls to less than 6kN ° Fall Arrest indicator on Sala models enables users to see if winch has been used to arrest a fall ° Sealed blocks available for added reliability, safety and longevity in harsh environments ° Aluminium and stainless steel housing ° Working Lengths: 9m to 34m

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