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The Hagenuk 110 KVDC - High Voltage Test Set

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Hagenuk 110 KVDC High Voltage Test Set

The Hagennuk 110 KVDC is an AC/DC high voltage test set that allows the user to perform high voltage tests with a portable instrument. The test set consists of two separate units; a control unit and a high voltage unit. This can be used for testing newly installed cables, periodical cable testing and preventative checks after cable repairs.


  • Over current trip is at just above 6 milliamps
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Integrate discharge device
  • DC output voltage / Voltage measuring range: 0 ... - 110k
  • Output current at max. output voltage: 4mA
  • Overcurrent trip: great than, or equal to, 6mA
  • Weight operation unit: Approx 13.5kg
  • Weight HV unit: Approx 20kg
  • Dimensions operation unit (W x H x D): 400 x 335 x 200mm
  • Dimensions HV unit (W x H x D): 214 x 670 x 235mm

    Package Includes

  • Leather case
  • HV unit with HV attachment
  • Connecting lead, operation unit to HV unit
  • 2m high voltage lead
  • Earthing leads
  • Earthing and discharge rods
  • User guide

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