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Latchways R20 Personal Rescue Device

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Latchways R20 Personal Rescue Device

The lightweight, unobtrusive Personal Rescue Device is an integrated harness system for self rescue. In the event of a fall the device lowers the faller gently to the ground in a controlled descent. The whole rescue process only takes a few seconds due to the Latchways engineering in the back pack which contains: - a parachute type rip cord that releases the descending system - a brake mechanism and spool with a 20 m (65 ft)* cord gently lowers the faller to the ground - a standard harness that can be easily released allowing quick evacuation from the fall zone


  • Descent Height 20m (65ft)
  • Complete Weight 3.6kg
  • User weight 59-140kg (1300-0310lbs)
  • Descent Speed .05 to 2m per sec
  • Secondary Release mechanism - allows third party activation
  • Descent Line made from Aramid Rope
  • Training - minimal user training required
  • Maintenance - Only visual checks required by competant person
  • Assists in compliance with rescue plan through Risk Assessment

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